Wednesday, April 30, 2008

beautiful day

Today was such a nice day. I didn't have to go in to work at the college but got some work done at home. I created the Intro final exam and finished my own take home exam for Psych testing. I had a really nice walk while Cary went running. It was a beautiful day outside. Cool but with warm sun. I ran an errand at the grocery store and we had supper together (hamburgers..mmmm) and played on the computer. It's nice to feel like I can breathe and relax a little now that the bulk of my work is done. I'm looking forward to the short work weeks, beach days, art time, and relaxation!

After Cary went off to work tonight I baked two batches of to take to my boss's house tomorrow night and...of course...a batch for us! Tomorrow night the Art Dept chair is having a BBQ at her house for the soon-to-graduate Art Majors and department faculty. I think it will be nice to see the students in a different environment...and I'm anxious to see my boss's house....since years ago she was my advisor and professor!

Tonight I also too some time to do a few layouts. I've been keeping an album for 2008 where at the end of each month, I get some photos printed of things that went on that month for the layout. I've kept the formats similar as far as journaling - I have a series of "prompts" I fill out each month. (If you click on the photo for the right side of the layout you should be able to see my journaling). Each month colors and layouts vary. I have fun each month going to my LSS to choose paper that I love and feel "fits" the month somehow. That is the best part! I finished March's tonight...

Above: The left side of the two page spread for March

Below: The right side

Here's a closeup of the left spread. I played around with copper Perfect Pearls and Perfect Medium to create the swirls leading to the dragonfly. The dragonfly was a sequin I have had forever. It was a shiny yellow and I decided to "tone down" the wings by painting them with a cream acrylic. These layouts aren't especially my favorites but they were fun to do because I played around with new stuff and experimented.

I also finished one of the layouts I posted earlier this week. I added a bolder title and journaling. I also highlighted the subtitle with a black marker to bring it out a little more. I don't usually do computer journaling but occasionally do and always like the results.

Now...on to those brownies!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 best ideas

Two Peas Blog Challenge~ 10 of my very best ideas. Here are my 10. Completely random and in no particular order! When I think about it, my best ideas have all involved a time when I took a risk and was terrified it wouldn't work or felt sad about leaving one thing to begin a new.

  1. Going to grad school in DC.

  2. Taking a risk and meeting Cary.

  3. Starting my sketchbook and carrying it EVERYWHERE

  4. Breaking up with my old, long-term boyfriend and starting fresh all those years ago.

  5. Taking the job at the college last May.

  6. Painting one wall in my apartment royal blue (I guess "terrified it wouldn't work" is a little extreme in this case...but royal blue. Really. How would I have painted over it?!)

  7. Buying my desk at Target. It fit in my very small space and has paid for itself 100x over in the 7 years I have had it.

  8. Letting Cary bring his couch with him when he moved in (Ok. It really wasn't my idea but it was my idea to let him!)

  9. Joining the YMCA and bringing exercise back into my life and routine.

  10. Coloring my hair blond. (This is a superficial one. But a risk nontheless!)

Monday, April 28, 2008

another monday

This was a picture I took of Cary and I walking on the beach this saturday. I have been trying to notice things from new perspectives and liked how this turned out. Saturday night I went to my monthly Girl's Night and we scrapbooked. I started three layouts but they are really only beginning works-in-progress. I want to take my time and add to them.

"Quiet Morning"

This is the first one...a series of three photos I took during my "Week in the Life" project. The photo of the layout (as usual) is not very good and it's hard to see the details. I am not sure where to go with it yet aside from some journaling in the green square. I think I might keep this one kind of clean and basic.


This second layout is also just a start and I'd really like to do a bit more with it. I'm terrible at keeping track of products I use but this is a paper I've had for years. I like this striping because it helps divide the page before you even add embellishments. It is a photo I took of a row of cedar trees on my walk and I want to focus the journaling about how mindfullness is as much a part of my walking routine as exercise and how badly I need that back. The quote by John Muir was sort of my starting point, "I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."

"Cary, my soldier"
I didn't get far with this third layout. In this photo the green is more intense that it is in person. And the brown square in the center isn't a part of the layout. This one needs a lot of work. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to finish these. I went to my last class tonight for Psych Testing and got a take home exam. I just need to mail that back by next monday and I'm done. We didn't even have a real class. To be has been a complete waste of $850. I could have easily done that class online. I want to be somewhat challenged if I'm going to spend this much to be "license eligible." But...really...I am just fulfilling the state's requirements that often are not based in reality. Anyhow...don't get me started on this topic. I will likely never get my state license given that I only practice part-time now. Nevermind the 6 years of experience I have that didn't "count" since I didn't have all the magic classes finished! Arrggh. Breathe. In the grand scheme what does it matter really?

Switching gears...this weekend is my "baby" brother's 20th birthday. Yikes! I have to figure out what to get him. He's kind of picky. He likes to write. Stories and stuff. Last time I went to the mall with him he was checking out some really nice journals. Maybe I can get him something like that. We'll see. to read some blogs and unwind from the day. Thanks for reading!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

ocean waves

Just got back from lunch and a walk on the beach with Cary. This is a picture of the 'back shore'...the Atlantic Ocean... in my hometown. The waves were pretty big today. Cool today - high 50's. Soon I'm off for my Girl's Night and Cary's off in his direction. Recently had a very frustrated situation with some of these friends so I'm not super excited about going. It will be awkward with a few. I still have a lot of feelings about how I was treated. But two are still good friends. And we are scrapbooking. So at least I can focus on that...and the nice day I had with my my guy. I'll share more pictures of the beach and ocean later.
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Thursday, April 24, 2008


There is a reason I flunked math in the 3rd reason. It isn't my thing. I have been calculating grades for my Intro to Art Therapy class for hours tonight. I had made an error and had to do more math than I care to to fix it. Cary helped. He's much better at it than me. ARGHH! I'll be glad to have the semester over and the firsts of teaching for the first time. Looking forward to a nice weekend...scrapbooking and seeing old friends. And actually talking to Cary about something other than work and paying off bills.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

why today is good

  • It is at least 80' outside and sunny
  • I got a perfect ice coffee at my favorite coffee shop and using my "frequent shopper" card today was my FREE coffee and free always tastes even better!
  • I had an american sub for lunch. Not healthy but a fave since I was little.
  • Tonight is the last practicum class and I have most of my grading done.
  • I found some pants in Target today before work...capris. (Not focusing on the fact that they are a size larger and were needed because last summer's clothes don't fit)
  • I saw a cute little, older woman in Target today who was all dressed up with big white sunglasses and she reminded me of the woman who designed the super suits in The Incredibles! Made me smile.
  • I have the window open at home for fresh air when I get home.
  • This weekend is scrapbooking at a friends on Saturday and on Sunday have lunch with old co-workers I haven't seen (and dearly miss) in a long time.
  • I paid off my small student loan (again not focusing on the bazillion dollar one I'll be paying til I'm 80)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

shallow thoughts

Two Peas Challenge: Close your eyes and write about what immediately pops into your head

Hmmm. I can't wait to eat the last two brownies. I know. Not very deep. I've had enough of deep for the week! I think entirely too much and need to rest my brain. Today wasn't too bad of a day all-in-all. I think next I want to start over my knitting that I messed up. It's good practice. I love that tomorrow I get to sleep in a little before I go into the college. And tomorrow it's supposed to be almost 80' in Boston. Hoorah! to eat my brownies and read some blogs. Maybe I'll have something deeper to say tomorrow!

Monday, April 21, 2008

the joy of life & my art therapy

Everything is better with brownies. Today was a better day. I took a walk while Cary went running. Beautiful weather. I saw a Cormorant (a bird with long legs and neck that dives under and fishes) drying its wings in the Beaver Pond up the street. Usually they are in the harbor or on the river drying on the buoys. This pond is so funny to us because it used to be a field...till the beavers came along.

Later today I played the computer game World of Warcraft with Cary before he went to work. I haven't played in a long time. He absolutely loves the game and is able to keep in touch with his friends in Maine because they play too. I am not good at it but its something fun we can do together. After he went off to work I got involved in some art...and a conversation with my Dad. Tearful follow up from all the junk of yesterday. He is one of my favorite people in this world and it meant so much to me that we got to talk. It definatley influenced my work on a mini album. "Understanding the Joy of Life."
This color in this photo is awful. I used a olive green paint on the chipboard and layered the spring green lace cardstock over the top with modge podge. I used the same design on a previous mini book and was inspired by one of Ali Edward's Weekend Creatives. The two greens I used are very similar in the photo they look like a sharp contrast. The book has many pages...some off-white, some brown, some green, and some layered with the lace cardstock. The back of the cover has a quote on it from the conversation I had with my Dad tonight.

I only completed one page tonight. I used Staze-on White opaque ink to stamp the lettering onto an overlay. I used white acrylic to paint the circle and the word "Time." The words and photo have meaning to me in light of the book theme. They are hard to explain. Timeless. Stone Walls. History. Past. Now. This was really my own art therapy tonight.

After I worked on a two-page spread about my two workplaces. Again, inspired by Ali Edwards and her blog post today...I scraplifted her layouts. I don't usually do this but there was something about her use of paint (which I've been into lately), and the imperfection in hand drawn text boxes, and the organization of the square photos and journaling. Here's my take...

I apologize for the poor quality of my photos today... to eat some of the brownies I started this post with...I haven't actually had one yet! And to read some blogs and unwind.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

bad day

Well. All-in-all it has been a no good, very bad day. It is sort of ok now. Long story. Arguments with people I love and difficult conversations. Needless to say I didn't get much fun done today - mostly lots of crying. But I did a few things...

  • I put some photos in a mini album but haven't embellished.
  • I got my car washed.
  • I embellished a mini clipboard really basically (it still needs something).
  • I sewed the flower on the pin back for the bag.
  • I bought some alpha stix at Big Lots.
  • I discovered I may have to start the knitted tank over again because of some mistakes.

So what I did get checked of my to-do list was more just to decompress and feel better so it wasn't as much fun as I hoped. Cary and I did get to enjoy the Chicken Parm I made which we both needed. Tomorrow morning I hope to do some layouts for fun and maybe start over my knitting.

Tomorrow will be better.

today's goals

I haven't blogged in a few days. Busy with work and enjoying the beautiful weather and a day off yesterday. I have so many projects I want to accomplish today and tomorrow. Here in Mass. we have the Patriot's Day holiay. Yeah for 3 day weekends! We'll see how it goes accomplishing my list! Here it is...maybe I'll have a photo of at least one completed goal later...
  • sew a pin back on the felted flower to go on the bag I knitted & felted
  • make some more cards to stock up and hopefully sell
  • complete at least one layout
  • start a mini book of images I love
  • start the background of a larger mini book
  • dust
  • make chicken parm for supper
  • knit some more of the tank I'm making
  • vacuum the apartment
  • vacuum out my car
  • wash my car

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

what would I do?

What would I do if I knew I could not fail?
  • open up a little store downtown
  • teach skating to little kids on weekends

  • dance. i've always been too self-conscious

  • live in California for at least a year...if Cary would join me

  • be a graphic designer

  • learn to snowboard

  • learn to surf

  • leave all responsibilities and drive cross country

  • anything that lets me be spontaneous, imperfect and irresponsible

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I broke my creative freeze! I decided to scrap this photo I took recently of the trees...found a quote I that seemed to fit for me and did a little journaling. I tried to keep it simple. Letter stamps, ink, black cardstock and the photo with a white matte. I used Autumn Leaves clear stamps for the journaling circles.
I was on a roll so I started this layout too...

I took this photo in's of the artist's Fitz Hugh Lane's House in Gloucester and a statue in his honor. Next to the statue on the rocks are a sculpture of his sandals and the words, "Step into my shoes and become inspired." I love it. I have always admired his paintings of the harbor and schooners. This layout isn't complete yet. I used a favorite Basic Grey paper as a the background and highlighted some of the flourishes with a black Souffle pen. I want to add some journaling but I'm just not sure where yet.

Then...I did a page in my "Everyday Life" mini album.

I got the idea from Ali Edwards. It is a set of alphabet index card dividers held together with binder rings. I keep it on my desk where I do my stuff and add photos, writing, quotes, pieces of life here and there. This page is a photo of the Valentine's Cary gave me this year...I just put it all down and didn't try and plan too much. off to watch some trashy reality tv, eat oreos and relax!

freezing. creatively.

I haven't been as good about blogging every day. And I haven't had time to do any scrapbooking. Tonight (after work) I'm going to my muscle conditioning class at the gym. That has been on the back burner for too long also. Maybe when I get home I will do a page. If I set that goal maybe I'll do it! I got some photos back from yesterday...maybe that will be the inspiration I need. I've been drawn more to my knitting as a creative outlet this past week. But I would like to try some new techniques and ideas I have for a mini book and scrapbook pages....we'll see. After the stress at my job so far this week (it's only Tuesday) it will be welcomed. Hmmm...I also haven't touched my Art Journal recently... See. This is what stops me from doing art sometimes. TOO MANY ideas. I freeze. I need to just set a small goal. One scrapbook page with one photo when I get home tonight. That I can do. and be ok with just that. And stop using "no time" as an excuse. There's always time for something here-and-there. I've been reading Julia Cameron's The Sound of Paper...creative blocks, carving out time, ...and yesterday I read a chapter that talked about preparing for creativity as a way to get past a block. Gathering, organizing, turning to other creative outlets. Sometimes I let my perfectionism get in the way and don't allow myself to do something small and quick or like I said I freeze with all the ideas I have floating around in my mind. So tonight...I'm going to carve out an hour. I will do one scrapbook page with a photo I love that I got yesterday. A challenge for myself.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday stuff scrapping done this weekend...but I did finally felt my bag! (It only took a few years from start to finish!) It probably could have used one more trip through the washer but here it is. It's my first attempt. The flower was done in a knitting class and was also felted and will be attached with a pin to the bag. Thinking about a button or something cute for the flower's center. Currently the whole thing is drying (the silver clip is just to hold one the strap in place because I knitted it a little crooked). I am in the process of making another with the same pattern in a spring green. I also started my brown tank and it's fun because it's a little challenging with a lace trim. I'll take a pict when I've gotten a little further. Right now it doesn't look like much.

I spent much of the a.m. putting away my winter sweaters and taking out spring clothes. So next week it will snow. Murphy's Law! I'm bummed out since I have gained weight some things are a little too small. I'm confident I can get back to myself soon. I took one of my regular walks today and will be able to get to the gym for muscle conditioning a few times next week. Now that school will be winding down I will be able to normalize my schedule.

Well...beef stew is in oven, I have to iron clothes for tomorrow, and maybe I'll do a page and post it later. We'll see...I may get lost looking at other people's blogs!
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

a weekend for me

I have had so much fun last night and today! Last night I went to the "Yarn Tasting" at Butterfly Yarns with my Mom and left with some yarn to make a summer tank. My goal has been to make something I can wear that isn't a scarf...I will need Mom's help with part of it though. I bought a yummy espresso brown yarn with gold flecks...I think it will be much more flattering than the color shown with the pattern. In the store they had one in a dark purple. It was gorgeous.

Today I took myself shopping in Kittery, ME. Outlets. I got some pants and Spring-y sweaters, etc. Also found something to wear to graduation which I'm excited about. A black wrap dress with 3/4 sleeves. I love it! I am a little bummed though since everything is a size larger than I was wearing. With everything going on I have put myself and exercise on the back burner. I'm dissapointed and don't want to back track on all the hard work I've done in regards to health over the past few years. I need to get back on my schedule. I think that's also why I've been getting sick more often lately. I need to make it a priority.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get to work on a mini-book I want to start and the knitting project and I'll try and post some picts. And...I will make myself walk as long as the weather cooperates...maybe even if it doesn't. I don't need to be making excuses.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

favorite weather

Today the weather hit 71' in Boston. This is my favorite kind of day. Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of it during the day by getting outside of the building at work. But after a quick dinner with Cary, he went off to work and I went for a walk. It was SO nice to get the fresh air and not have to even wear a sweatshirt at 6:00pm. I took a few random photos...this one is of some found objects my dad has lined up on the outside window ledge of the shed.

Tomorrow is the end of another hectic week. My supervisor is sitting in on my class for my eval. I'm nervous, but fortunately I'm not doing a lecture. I'll be reviewing the quiz they took, they are handing in all assignments and then half the class is doing presentations. After one more meeting after class I'm done for the week. Cary has National Guard this weekend...and although I always miss him when he's gone...I'm looking forward to just doing whatever! Friday night I'm going to a "Yarn Tasting" with my mom at our local yarn shop. A cute and cheese, samples of spring/summer yarn, and a coupon (to inevitably be spent on yet another knitting project to add to my supply of unfinished projects!). Saturday I'm taking a little of my tax refund and going to some outlets in Maine. I need some Spring/Summer work clothes badly. I do have to do a little work this weekend but not much. It's one of the first weekends without a ton of work that needs to be done! So...since it will be a rainy will be perfect for some scrapbooking, knitting, and whatever else I feel like doing! Cary keeps saying to me, "When the cat is away...the mouse will play!" Darn right...I can't wait!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

stone walls

I didn't take any photos today but this is one I took last week of a stone wall in my parent's front yard. I have always appreciated stone walls. The history. The craftsmanship. The amount of work that goes into them. My dad instilled that in me through walks in the woods in our neighborhood where stone walls are commonplace. Markers of old and current land lines. Looking at them I think about the hands that found each rock and placed it in each perfect spot. They remind me of my Grandfather who was a mason and a carpenter. I'm reminded of my Dad and his livelihood and ability to make anything and have it be beautiful. This is one that he has fixed up in the front yard. This isn't a completely random post like I thought it would be when I started writing. The twopeas blog challenge today was: Do you have any spring projects you are excited to do? This stone wall represents one for me. I used to draw charcoal landscapes. One drawing of a stone wall was part of my series of large scale drawings I did for my BA- Studio Art thesis years ago. It has been that long since I have drawn from life. I miss it. A few weeks ago I bought some charcoal and paper. This weekend I want to pull out my other supplies and as the weather gets nicer go outside and draw more of the places and things I love. I loved the challenge of making something look real. Getting it just right. The smoothness of charcoal. It has been a long time but it is my goal this Spring.

Monday, April 7, 2008


This is my first attempt at a mosaic using images from Flickr and the Mosaic Maker. I feel terrible though because I can't figure out how to get back to the page where you copy and paste the credits for the photos. Live and learn. There must be a way to find that information by clicking on the photos or something. Next time I'll make sure to not go beyond that page before I copy and paste it in my blog! But I was having a heck of time figuring out how to make it normal size on my blog. I finally cut and paste the webpage and uploaded it that way. I'm so computer illiterate! But had fun looking through these inspiration images while I'm home resting trying to give my body a break so I can get better.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Just got back from my class at Absolutely Everything with Robin Beam. It was so much fun! I have never really known much about inks and what to do with them and I learned some cool techniques. We made a calender attached to a 12x6 thick Hambly overlay. Added some chipboard elements inked with a new opaque Ranger ink that isn't going to be out until the end of the month. I learned some technqiues of using the texture of stamps (instead of just looking at the stamps in terms of thier images) and Robin's "Bandana" technique. Here are a few of the calendar pages. I still want to add some embellishments and details with white and black pens, etc. We used Tim Holtz's inks, Pearl Ex., a white Ranger pen, various stamps, Heidi Swapp masks, and a variety of techniques.

The upper part of the calendar with Maya Road Chipboard mounted on a clear Hambly overlay.

One of the pages using a Heidi Swapp Mask and inks.

Page using a wrinkle-free distressed watercolor effect.

Detail of one of the birds inked with a new Ranger opaque ink and stamped using a section of a stamp in Archiver's black. Details added with a white opaque pen using Robin's Bandana technique.

Thanks to those who sent "Get well" messages! Just have medicine head. Might stay home tomorrow and get a day of rest. We'll see. Just a crummy cold that won't quit!


Just have to say I'm hating being sick...again. with a cold. or something. But I am loving $5 tulips from Trader Joe's! Off to a class at my LSS. I'll post more later...hopefully with a picture of a finished project. Unless I fall asleep at the table under the influence of cold meds.
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Thursday, April 3, 2008

knitting and random happiness

Yesterday I mentioned the doll I made a year or so ago. I took a class at my local yarn shop with my mom and we made the dolls from the book Knitted Babes. Now, I am not a real experienced knitter but my mom is and she has been teaching me for the past few years. I must be a frustrating student with my "Help!" and "I don't know what happened!" Only recently have I begun to learn how to fix my own mistakes. Before, I needed my mom nearby every time I knitted in case I made a mistake! She has been helpful and its nice having had this connection for the past few years. Anyway... Here's my girl I made...I call her Lorelei (my "girl" name by the way!) She has a lot of hair and is a little top heavy so needs to be propped up!

I've been thinking about making her a friend. With less hair! I mentioned I went to Butterfly Yarns the other day with that in mind. I get lost in any sort of art store. Overwhelmed. I freeze with all the possibilities! I ended up leaving with skein of yarn for a small felted bag. I knitted the same pattern a year ago but haven't gotten up the nerve to do the actual felting step. Maybe this weekend. I have to if I'm going to start another bag or I'll have a whole bunch of unfinished bags to add to my unfinished scarfs! But anyhow...I wanted to share my girl...I think they are so cute and for any knitters out there... actually very simple to make. I even knitted her little hat and dress. Now...if I could only figure out how to knit myself a human-sized outfit/sweater/hat! I did try to make her a cute wrap sweater but it ended badly. That was about 8 months ago and I got so frustrated I put down my needles for awhile. I may be brave and go back to the store and get the yarn to start another doll. She may even get a sweater.

One of the blogs I read through Twopeas, Dana's Cafe, posted a challenge: Write 10 Random Things that Make you Happy. I have been having fun reading other's responses to this list so thought I'd make my list. It's a nice way to end the day.

1. I took a really nice, long walk after dinner tonight and got to relax.
2. Cary and I got to eat and sit together eating our pizza when I got home before he left for work.
3. I have a delicious piece of chocolate cake next to me...
4. Mom and I got to talk for awhile tonight.
5. I have my mental and physical health. Something that makes me feel grateful and happy in light of the experiences I watched people struggle with today at work.
6. It's nice and warm and cozy at home tonight.
7. I have a good book to read when I go to bed that my dad recommended to me Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir by Bill Bryson. Very funny - great author.
8. I feel prepared for all that I need to do tomorrow.
9. My family makes me happy today.
10. The animal crackers in the traditional box that Cary brought home for me make me happy.

Have a good night!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

random stuff

Off to work at the college shortly. Not feeling well. I've been thinking for the past week I have allergies but I don't think it is. My glands were swollen and sore last night and today. Oh well. Cary isn't feeling well either and today is his birthday...Happy Birthday Hon! Tonight I'm not holding a regular class I'm doing 1:1 meetings about their thesis papers. I still have to finish reading a few...ooopps! My plan is to try and get out of the building and walk around the block before I start the back-to-back appts. I really think that my getting sick again has to do with (a) being stressed and (b) letting my walking and exercise come second to my work stuff. Wednesdays are also my day to treat myself to a sub for lunch (which along with the birthday cake I already have - will cancel out the walk!). I am halfway through the crazy week. Just need to make it through to Saturday night and then things should lighten up slightly.

Ohh..hopefully I can post later tonight or tomorrow. I went to the yarn store last night and picked up some more yarn. Like I need another project. I knitted a bag about a year ago and have never gotten around to felting it. I've never done that before. Hopefully this week I can. I'll try and post a before & after. I am also thinking of knitting another doll that I learned in a class. I'll post that too. They are very cute and kind of funky. to work....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Having a trying day at work. I had a minute to read a short chapter and do a challenge in Julia Cameron's book The Sound of Paper and decided to do it to change my focus. {btw - I highly reccommend the book}

A list of 20 Wishes...

1. a new job to compliment my work at the college
2. a vacation. don't even have to go anywhere. just some days off to lounge and do whatever!
3. a new apartment.
4. marriage (eventually...this is a list of wishes after all!)
5. a dog. a labrador.
6. warm, flip-flop weather. today is warm but not sunny.
7. to feel physically better today. a little under the weather.
8. an art studio. a whole room for my art stuff that doesn't have to be put away and pulled out.
9. a part-time job at an art store.
10. a store of my own.
11. children.
12. some fresh flowers on my desk.
13. a best friend. the kind you have as a kid that you can call anytime.
14. to run away. be spontaneous. irresponsible. I'm always the responsible, organized planner.
15. to visit family in California again.
16. a trip to Ireland.
17. a day to play hooky and go on a shopping spree (refer to number 14!)
18. get my routine (exercise) back.
19. a house and a yard.
20. a sense of peacefullness.


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