Monday, August 29, 2011



It has been over a month since I have written! This year has definately been a roller coaster of extreme lows and highs. I got married and just came back from our Disney Honeymoon this weekend. I am so happy. Our wedding was perfect and our trip was magic. They were everything we hoped for and everything I dreamed of. We kept everything on a budget and did most of the work ourselves. My amazing cousin, who was like a sister to me growing up, did the photography. I made the invitations, placecards, strawberry & herb planted centerpieces and the bouquets with help from my sister. My parents hosted a wonderful BBQ the day before the wedding. It was a beautiful day and weekend! The rain held off for our ceremony along the Atlantic Ocean. I'll share a few more photos and share some Disney photos later this week! It has been months since I have scrapbooked and I'm hoping that when I get photos back I'll be inspired!

My bouquet I made myself from Trader Joe's flowers, Irish rosary my Nana gave me, and my shoes.

waiting for the rain to stop

Dad giving me away.


first kiss

looking at the future


the brunch reception room

first dance
emotion while dancing with my dad. so grateful he is here.

our amazing strawberry shortcake


Hoping to post some Disney photos soon! Happy Friday!


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