Saturday, October 24, 2009

saturday and a card

My sister asked me if I could make her a Halloween card to send to her friend who is in England. This was the first card I've made in awhile. I used a variety of stamps, rhinestones, inked paper, and pp squares. It was fun to put together. I had good intentions to make a bunch for friends this year but I haven't been up to it.
Tonight I have an odd costume party/Girl's Night. I have to come up with a recipe that involves pasta...that includes desserts. One of my friend's sister has this Pasta Party every year and we are going this year. I am not motivated to make something. I might end up at the grocery store buying plain old pasta salad! It should be interesting!
Happy Saturday!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

knitting up a storm

Yesteday I finished this hat for my dad...

Now I'm starting these yummy mittens for me...Bella's Mittens...modeled after the one's worn in the movie Twilight.

I basically knitted all day yesterday. Haven't quite been feeling myself for a few reasons...but it felt nice to be lazy and just focus on knitting. Cary was here playing on the computer so we still got to spend some time together. Today is looking like a rainy Sunday. Have to do one errand...wish I could stay here. Hoping to make a few sister asked me to add one Halloween card to my list so she can send one to her friend in England. An sister never asks me to make her cards to send to people! So I need to get on it!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

layouts and weekend hopes

me at 32

tourist for a day

Finally scrapbooked this past weekend! I just haven't been motivated and have been overwhelmed by things in my life and didn't know where to start. So I challenged myself to only use stuff from my September Cocoa Daisy kit (along with a few basics like adhesive, scissors, etc.). It was so fun! The kits are awesome and they challenge me to use colors, patterns and techniques that I wouldn't go to first if I picked out all the materials at the store. Fun!

And when I got home today...

I got my October kit in the mail.

Yeah! Can't wait to get into that this weekend. Also plan on making a few Halloween cards and finish up a hat I'm knitting for my Dad for Christmas. Then I have another fun knitting project for me up my sleeve...

I am hoping for a calm, relaxing, health-filled weekend!

Off to cook dinner and spend some time with Cary. Happy Thursday!

Monday, October 12, 2009

monday gratitudes

Having some health and general life junk frustrations lately. I teach others everyday how to cope and focus on the positive and I have a very hard time taking my own advice sometimes. People in my life who love me try and help me to refocus. I need to refocus. I am wasting time. Time you don't get back. Time that really isn't all that bad in the grand scheme... even with the junk. So today I really need my gratitude list. I decided to focus on some things around my home that I'm grateful for today...

Today I am grateful for...

1. The bright red tomatos that grew on my sad little tomato plant!

2. Hot coffee in my favorite mug and mulitgrain toast. Went grocery shopping with Cary last night and I'm grateful to have food in the house and money to pay for it.

3. I finished the little booties to go with the lace hat I made last week. Getting some practice on the whole seaming thing. Not to great at it but grateful for the practice. Ordered some little "handmade by emily" tags yesterday off etsy. I'll post when I get them in.

4. I finally got around to blocking out the cabled scarf I finished last year. The air is getting chillier and I can't wait to wear it. I loved the bright color and it is so soft. And at the time it was the most complicated thing I had made. Makes me want to work with cables again. I haven't since that project. This has been the year of trying to challenge myself in knitting and try out all different technques.

5. Apples with cinnamon and nutmeg.

6. A big bowl of cortland apples and fruit for the week.

7. Our fall wreath in the hall. I keep the same wreath up all year and just add stuff to it each season. Simple.

8. A new knitting challenge. Working on a wool hat for my dad for Christmas. Stripes. Jogless stripes. Have never worked with stripes. Some challenges overcome and I think it will be nice when it's finished. Not sure I'm handling things correctly on the inside of the hat with color changes but who will know but me? A challenge for a true perfectionist is realizing that if you have never done something before it won't turn out perfect and that is how it is supposed to be!

9. The flowers and plants that are still blooming on the balcony despite the cool New England fall nights recently. Hoping to get some mums soon...but enjoying the bit of summer still out there.

10. Humor. Cary stuck the witch hat on our pumpkin that lives in the living room! I kind of like him!

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

Happy Monday! It will be....

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

projects and stuff

Today is a day I'm just glad to be home at the end of the day. Still haven't scrapped...or made any cards. But this weekend I finished up to knitting projects for new babies that are due in December.

This little sweater coat is for my cousin's baby...she has a little boy and now she is expecting a girl! This was my first time seaming a sweater. So the sleeves are a little wacky but the sides came out pretty well. I hate picking up stitches to do edging but I'm quite proud of how the seam came along the inside back of the neck from my picked up stitches! The yarn is bamboo and so nice to work with...
Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK.

The next project is a record for me. I cast on Sunday morning and finished Sunday night after about 3-4 hours of knitting! It's a sweet baby bonnet out of the softest yarn Plymouth Baby Bunny. The picture doesn't do the soft pink justice....this is for a girl I used to work with who has two little boys and is having her first baby girl...

I'm really hoping to do some scrapping this long weekend. But a new purchase
might take some of my attention! Ally McBeal The Complete Collection. It was a splurge for me and my mom. We've been waiting years for this!

Happy Wednesday

Monday, October 5, 2009

monday gratitudes

Fall 2007

Today I am grateful for...

  • baths
  • fall colors
  • pumpkin bread
  • knitting projects
  • enough money to pay the bills
  • the hard work of others
  • art therapists I have met
  • fall in New England
  • corn chowder for dinner

Today has been a whirlwind of a day and I'm just looking forward to sitting on the couch, eating my dinner and watching TV!

Happy Monday!


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