Monday, September 27, 2010

monday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for...
  • The Roasted Chicken and Lemon Herbed Potatoes I made for dinner last night. The recipe was from Country Living Magazine and was soooo good! And it has fed us for two nights so far...tomorrow I will use some of the leftovers for a Mac & Cheese recipe in the same issue/article of the magazine.
  • Time to make some ATC's tonight for a swap coming up on Thursday. Played with all sorts of Halloween papers, images and themes.
  • Doctors and Surgeons.
  • A warm, comfortable, homey apartment.
  • Fall days.
  • Autumn Leaves candle from Yankee Candle.
  • A weekend in Maine coming up in a few weeks.
  • My family. Past and present connections, memories and future moments to come.
  • Tortilla chips and Salsa.
  • Pumpkins.
  • Jack-o-Lanterns.
  • Apple Picking.
  • Fall in New England.
  • My car stereo.
  • The television remote control. Seriously. What a pain to have to get up every five minutes to change the channel!
  • Support I don't have to go far for.
  • Art Therapy.
  • Self-advocacy.
  • Yarn. My stash and the possibilities it holds. Always exciting to find the perfect pattern for a favorite yarn.
  • Cool nights for sleeping.
  • Hot Apple Cider.
  • Fall's my fall wreath. Actually we keep the same grapevine wreath up all year and I add and take things away each season. So it isn't anything fancy...but it is fun that it is always changing. And since we live in a small apartment it saves space to have one universal wreath instead of finding places to store one for each season.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

random art

Don't really know what to say today. So I'm posting an old photo of a paper sculpture I made a year or so ago. I only made two because it was much very labor intensive. I keep it on the bulletin board near my desk for inspiration.

I haven't really taken any recent pictures...maybe this weekend?

Monday, September 13, 2010

monday gratitudes

my 33rd birthday cake
Today I am grateful for...
  • a wonderful birthday dinner with my family.
  • my dad.
  • a night in Boston with my girlfriends. sushi. cannollis from the North End. wine at an old jail turned bar.
  • rain to water my flowers.
  • spiced pumpkin candle.
  • new england in fall.
  • photos of my childhood.
  • a good childhood full of smiling, playing, imagining, love.
  • doctors.
  • our apartment and time together.
Happy Monday!

Monday, September 6, 2010

monday gratitudes

labor day at the beach
Today I am grateful for:
  1. doctors and living in an area with some of the best in the country.
  2. beach days with my mom.
  3. sitting on the porch chatting with my dad.
  4. sunshine.
  5. pumpkin bread.
  6. homemade lasagna. means not having to cook dinner for days.
  7. my friends.
  8. hugs.
  9. fall in new england to look forward to.
  10. my parents.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I recently finished Hey Teach and wore it. I may need to replace the buttons though. They are a little too small for the holes and the sweater keeps coming unbuttoned. But all-in-all I'm very pleased with it and it was a quick knit.

Here today I'm getting ready for a weakened Hurricane. But still might be a Cat1 when it brushes by our coasts here in Mass. Even tropical storm winds can wreak some havoc here near the water. We live up on a big hill and during a recent Nor'easter the wind was rattling our sliding glass door pretty good. So...per order of the apartmetnt's leasing office I moved all my plants from the balcony into the living room. Good Lord. It's a jungle in here.

This picture isn't even all the plants. I hadn't finished yet. So its a bit crowded here.

I'm feeling like I need a bit of comfort food today so I'm baking some Pumpkin Bread and will make some Lasagna later on tonight. Lots on my mind. Thinking about one of the most important people in my life and a huge challenge they are facing. Also lots of other thoughts floating around in my mind. Need to do some art therapy for myself too :)

Well that's it for now!

Batten down the hatches...


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