Friday, July 6, 2012


I realize I've missed an entire month of updating my blog. I used to be so good about writing almost daily and loved showing art projects, decorating my apartment, life, etc. Life itself has been so busy I just haven't.

And that's ok with me for now.

Though I would like a little more time for me I have to say. Life has gotten into more of a routine and I think it's more possible now for me to do that. I have been able to knit a bit more when she's napping. She doesn't need to fall asleep on me anymore. She's been able to fall asleep in her crib at 7ish which gives me some time before I crash. Though I have found that on nights before work...most of my night is spent getting things ready for the next day! Not liking that too much.

 I hope to post some current projects soon. We are going to be closing on a condo next friday. I'm so excited and so nervous! I have all sorts of ideas on how to decorate on a budget. Baby girl will finally have a room I can decorate. My dad is going to build her a bookshelf and I'm hoping to get some help sewing her some curtains I found on Pinterest.

Speaking of.

Pinterest is addicting!

So hopefully if you stay tuned I'll have some fun stuff to post soon! But here are some photos of the month of June...

Ellie - 4 months - thinking carefully

first family portrait with Mt.Katahdin in background

pretty dress for father's day - grampy picked out this dress

pretty girl

hello donald


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