Thursday, April 26, 2012


Miss Ellie wearing the sweater I knit for her

I haven't written in so long. Being a Momma is hard work! I enjoy it but it is hard to find a minute for yourself. I wouldn't trade it though. I have one more week before I go back to my second job. I've been back teaching at the college 1 1/2 days a week for a few weeks. The semester wraps up next week and then I'm back to my art therapy job. I'm dreading it. It's only 3 days/week but I don't want to:(

We have been looking into the idea of buying a condo. We rent right now and will have to move to a 2 bedroom by this fall. But the rents in our area are ridiculous. There are a few condos in our apartment complex in forclosure and the mortgage would be cheaper than rent on a 2BR. We are also looking at some other options. Our goal is to own a house with a yard...but that's a way off. The county we live in, that I grew up, was at the top of the list (among the whole country) in terms of housing costs several years ago. It's sad. Not being able to afford a home in the town your father, grandfather and great grandfather grew up in. But the idea of being able to afford something that would be ours is exciting and it will help us reach our ultimate goal.

One a side note, the little Miss has a rash on one side of her face that I can't get her to stop rubbing! A few weeks ago at her 2 month appt the Dr. felt it was dry, sensitive skin and suggested petroleum or unscented moisturizer. I've been doing that but yesterday it got dry and then she started rubbing it and making it worse. Now it's on her cheek instead of just the side of her face. Poor baby... to play with the baby!

Happy Thursday!


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