Thursday, July 31, 2008


No pictures and not much time to write. I'm ready to start moving tomorrow. As ready as I can be. It will be dragged out over the next week. I'm going to move as much as I can tomorrow and Saturday with my Dad's help (what he can do with his hand still not 100%). When Cary gets back from guard Monday he's bringing back a bunch of his furniture from Maine so we'll move that in...Tuesday the cable/phone is being hooked up and Cary is picking up the bed. Then we'll move the rest of the stuff I couldn't on my own. So...maybe by middle of next week we'll have everything in.

I'll hopefully post some pictures soon with the progress! Happy Friday tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

my day

Queen Anne's Lace
Orange mushrooms - look a little like handmade peices of pottery!

Some more pictures from my walk yesterday. Lazy today. I'm home from work and don't feel like walking. That's not good...starts a bad pattern. Today I had to take my car in to the dealership because the AC isn't working...also a break sound. Good news is the AC part is covered under warranty. Bad news is that it won't be too much longer before I'll need to get my brake's done. Fortunately not today.

All-in-all today wasn't too bad. I'm looking forward to moving and getting settled. Missing my art stuff. I have to say I'm looking forward to sitting out at the complex's pool during my vacation in August. That and the beach...I'll have to decide from day-to-day! to heat up some leftovers for supper and hopefully read a few blogs. While procastinating on putting away laundry (my 2nd least fave chore behind dishes!)...

Monday, July 28, 2008


I spent a good portion of yesterday packing. On the way to the grocery store I took a side trip to Michaels ... and for the first time ever in an art store...left without buying anything! While packing took a quick break to photograph this butterfly. Doesn't do him justice. He was beautiful. Especially when on the orange tiger lilly because he has that spot of orange on him.

Today I will probably take a walk with Cary when he gets up. Otherwise not much. I don't have any other boxes to finish packing. Can't really do much til I start moving stuff over on Friday. I think I might go read a book on my parent's porch for a bit. Maybe I'll post again later. Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Beach Grass

Well, I'm sitting here drinking my coffee before I "officially" start the madness of the day. Yesterday, I didn't take as many pictures as I had hoped but I did take a few. Yesterday we went to buy a new mattress set. Got a great deal and can pick it up when we move. (One less thing to have stored here among the boxes to drive me crazy! Then we had a picnic dinner at the beach which was so nice and relaxing. It has been a quiet weekend so far other than one stupid argument on Friday. But otherwise good.
I tried out my new contacts on Friday - Acuvue Oaysis. They feel much better but they were hellish to take out that night! Took longer than it did the first day. So yesterday, out of nervousness of not being able to get them out, I only wore them half the day and then took them out. I tried the way they show on the internet. Not the way the Dr's office showed me. I can't do it that way so resorted to the way they taught me and got them out on the first try. Argghh. Can't wait for these to be easier! I an a worrier and get nervous the closer the "take out" time is until I get them out. All these awful ideas race in my mind of the embarrasing trip to the ER when I can't get them out or their stuck or whatever. Completely impossible, ridiculous worries that have no place (or room) to be in my mind! I'm ridiculous sometimes!
Today I'm off to the grocery store for a few things and to see if they can give me some boxes. Then I'm packing a little. I might also stop at the new Michael's near the mall. If I feel like I get some done and this place organized (as much as it can be with boxes) I might feel more inclined to do some art or something! I also really want to order my June and July photos so once we are settled I can get I'll leave you with a few more photos from yesterday.

Wingaersheek Beach on a summer evening

The dunes - falling down fence is supposed to protect them...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

my day

Just came home from a long day at work but a nice after-work dinner with Cary. He usually works 6pm - 2am and we are like two ships passing in the night. Literally. But today he works 12pm - 12am. So after work I headed to my eye appt and then brought Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse take out to his work and we ate dinner and mmm...cheesecake!

Contacts update. At the eye Dr. I was seen by another of the Dr.'s in the practice and she recommended I try Accuvue Oasis this week. She was joking that the other Dr. must not wear contacts or he wouldn't have given me the contacts he did originally! has been really humid and rainy for the past two days. The rain I don't mind. The ants who are somehow extremely attracted to the inside of this apartment when it rains is another story. They are EVERYWHERE! We live in the woods. That's what we get. What is more disturbing is the morning after I've sprayed. It looks like an ant graveyard. They are everywhere still but dead. Good Lord. That is one thing I won't miss when I move!

Hopefully tomorrow I will post some new pictures....I need to get a creative outlet. Right now I have no motivation to do any cards, scrapping, anything. Half my apartment is packed. It's messy. And that stresses me out. I can't focus on things when I feel like my house is a mess. So...I'll try for taking pictures since that happens outside!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wish list

Feeling a little bored by my own blog entries lately! Not sure how to "spice it up" thought. Basically I haven't had the time or inspiration to work on any projects. Focused on moving and other "life" stuff. I think once I get settled into the apartment I'll get re-inspired! I haven't even gotten my June photos developed and it's almost the end of July. I usually do them right at the end of the month because I'm so excited to scrap them. an attempt to liven up my blog tonight and my boring little are some things on my dream wish list for the apartment....none of these are really realistic because of (a) cost and (b) space....but I *heart* them!

Pottery Barn: Matine Toile Duvet Cover & Sham - Espresso

My new dream studio collection

My new "dinnerware." I've never had "dinnerware." Just "dishes."

and new bookshelves for my loads of books that have no home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Wingaersheek Beach last month

  • I wished I brought my camera on my walk. The Queen Anne's Lace are out, the marsh looks unbelievably green and the last pictures I took were around the 4th of July! This picture was from even earlier!
  • I'm reminding myself I need to get to the beach more. Summer will only last so long.
  • I got both contacts in. No problems. I think the right one was on inside out yesterday. They were dry today though so I'm seeing the Doc a day earlier to see if I need a new type or drops.
  • I made an appt to get my car's AC checked out next week. I don't even use it much but the car is only 4 years old. Not even paid for yet and the AC isn't working!
  • Was a wieeerrrddd day at work. And last week was the full moon.
  • My dad got the hard cast off his arm/hand. His thumb is healing well but now he still has another 4 weeks of it being quite painful and little mobility. No work for him either which is not good news for my parents.
  • I am looking forward to moving. Wishing I could just get it done. Not liking living with boxes. Makes me feel like I don't want to start any new projects until that gets done.
  • I'm already wishing it were thursday (my friday!)...
  • I'm needing to remind myself not to speed up time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

contacts - the trial

So the trials of trying to get used to contacts. I wore them for the recommended 4 hours the day I got them and increased by 2 hours Saturday and Sunday. No problems other then minor irritation which I was told to expect as my eyelids get used to them being there. I put them in and right away the right eye was uncomfortable. Almost the feeling when you have something in your eye. I took it out and tried again. Still not comfortable. I wore them for about 3 hours and decided something doesn't feel right. I took the right contact out, cleaned it, checked to make sure it was right side up, and put it back in...on the 1st try for the first time I might add!

It bothered me. Slightly stinging...nothing serious mainly just felt uncomfortable. Took them both out.


I was just getting more used to putting them in. (Taking them out is another story). My right eye still feels a little like something is in it. Not bad just odd. Wondering if I scratched it? The eye Dr. is closed today. So...I'm going to try and put them in before work tomorrow and see how they feel. If the right eye is still bothering me I'm going to go in to the Dr. and see what's up.

Does anyone reading have any experience getting used to contacts??

Sunday, July 20, 2008


1. MOVE !, 2. Moving Truck, 3. Moving sucks, 4. Moving Tip #48, 5. The Emptiness of Moving, 6. Moving out, 7. Moving House, 8. Moving Day, 9. moving announcement

So...I haven't done any art. or taken any photos. I have been trying to get a head start on getting ready to move. We have a few weeks. I threw out 2 bags of junk. I have a stack of books to donate and will probably have more. I'm afraid there won't be a lot of room when all is said and done.'ll work.

I went to the beach yesterday afternoon and had a picnic with Cary. It was beautiful down there. Then we went to see The Dark Knight. It was awesome. I don't usually follow Oscar buzz but I have to say Heath Ledger completely deserves an Oscar that can be passed on to his family in his memory. He was unbelievable. The creepiest, scariest character I've seen in a long time. He completely outshined Batman.

This a.m. I ran to Target for a few things and was going to stop at the grand opening of a new Michael's at the mall. Never mind. A security officer was directing traffic away from the full parking lot! So much for inviting new customers! I was directed right by the store and certainly wasn't going to come back later. Instead I continued my errands at the grocery store. Bought a small peice of salmon for dinner tonight. Hmmm.

Today is Day 3 with contacts. Slowly getting used to them. Still takes me awhile to get them in and out. It is so wierd to have them in. I hope they get easier. I like being able to see everything without my glasses! to catch up on blogs. I've been a bad reader...sorry :(

Saturday, July 19, 2008

new eyes & hair

I successfully got my eyes in. Contacts that is. Yesterday I got them and the practice at the office was long but I did it! I got them out on my own last night (20min record time!) and in by myself this a.m. It's not as bad as I thought but they will take some getting used to.

Today I got my hair trimmed and got shorter bangs. Nice change. I'll have to take some updated photos. I don't have many.

Yesterday we signed the apt lease and paid the first months rent. We officially move Aug 1st. I will be moving stuff that weekend while Cary is at guard and then we'll move the rest the following weekend. Yeah!

Hopefully I can post some photos of some sort later!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I ATC - magazine collage & sharpie
I need to take some more photos of other pages in the mini album I posted about yesterday...but the lighting isn't great outside to take them in the grass. Maybe tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow...Cary and I sign the lease tomorrow. Move in is officially Aug 1st except he will be in Maine for guard I'll move what I can and we'll finish the following weekend. I wish we could've afforded a 2BR (we were going to aim for that originally) because we would have been able to use the other room for my art stuff and his gaming stuff. But...we'll work with what we have. I'll try to set up a corner of the bedroom for my desk. The closet should be able to accommodate my clothes and boxes of art stuff. That's really what my current set up is anyway. I'm excited and nervous. Trying not to wish away the days since it's summer and there are only so many more days of summer and mini-vacation left!
Well..I've been bad about reading blogs this week so I hope to catch up with more tonight and tomorrow! Happy "almost" Friday!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

live in the moment - few pages

A few more pages I completed a few weeks ago for my "Live in the Moment" mini book...I finished one more page last night and have some others completed but haven't had a chance to take more photos yet...

"Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the middle of those things and still be calm in your heart." - unknown

"Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art." - Leonardo DaVinci

"Best if all is to preserve everthing in a pure, still heart, and let there be for every pause a thanksgiving, and for every breath a song." - Conrad Von Gesner

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

everything has a begining

Here's the cover of a mini book I started a few weeks ago. I have had the little book for years and didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Decided to make a little book about mindfulness. The idea was to fill it with things I love and keep it on my desk at work. That way when the day gets hectic or stressful I can flip through it. I have all the photos in it. I'm slowly going from one to the other and adding words, quotes, thoughts to the facing page. It has been fun to work on. Maybe I'll do another page tonight.

This following set of pages is fitting for the day. The quote is one I actually had engraved last year onto a keychain for Cary marking the anniversary of when we met. Cary and I put a deposit on an apartment last night! Yeah. It's in my hometown still which is good. I feel a sense of relief and nervousness at the same time. This has been on hold for so long. Cary moved down here in October and there has been this uncertaintly about where we would live. Here or Maine. It has just felt unsettled for so long. Thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts. We should find out this week if we have it. It's small. 1 bedroom. But anything will seem huge to us. It is hard to convey how small my apartment is. I'm feeling a little sentimental about it. I loved this apartment. My dad built it in the garage. It's beautiful. I wake up to a skylight overhead and all I see is trees. I have been living here since grad school. So about 8 years. It's in the yard, next to the only home I have known. I know....I'm too old to be sad to "leave" home. Even though I lived in Boston for college and DC. for grad school...I always looked forward to coming home. I probably always will. No other place will have the craftsmanship of my dad. I'm such a baby about stuff like this!'s the set of pages I was mentioning....I'll post more later!

Photo: potato field in Presque Isle, ME.

Monday, July 14, 2008

princess for a day

I'm the featured princess of the day today on Queen Kat Blogger's Club... That is a boost!


I want to again thank everyone for thier advice and kind words and virtual {hugs}...things are going ok. Still very complicated but I started the apartment search yesterday. Didn't get too far. I'm waiting for Cary to wake up today and then he can make some calls to some of the more promising places. I just want a decision made...that's how I operate. Cary is more of a "wait and see." That drives me crazy - to have something big hanging over my head. I want to be actively doing this search and making calls this a.m. but he wants to be involved.

So...I'm trying to clear my mind and do some scrapping. I hope to work on my May page today.

Yesterday I did get quite a lot done and felt good about it...

To Do {yesterday}:

Grocery shopping. Just a few things.
Make some potato salad for supper.
Sweep the floors and straighten up a little.
Take a walk.
Scrap at least one page.
Start looking at which photos to develop for June.
Buy printer ink.
Print out my fall class roster and syllabus.
Read my book.

It was an ambitious list. I tend to do that to myself. Strangely it makes me feel better because all the things on this list were solely within my control. So much else right now doesn't feel like it's in my control. But I agree with the support I got yesterday. I need to ease up on myself. Today I just want to do a few things....

Today's To Do:
  • complete May layout

  • call the 4 most promising apartments - all complexes with utilities included.

  • go to the gym

  • welcome my sister home from her trip to Europe (and try not to be too jealous-lol!)

Anything else I do will be extra....hope to post a layout later...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

trying to cheer up

I've not been having a very good 24 hours. Long, frustrating stories. That's why I haven't written in a few days. I had breakfeast with a friend yesterday and that helped so much. I don't usually reach out to my friends. I always feel like I'm complaining etc. But it helped. Basically, I've been feeling like I'm under so much pressure from so many directions and am ready to explode. Too many things to try and explain and it would bore everyone reading. So I'll save you all! To make a long story short, we are looking for an apartment. Starting today. I am freaking out a little. Again hard to explain why. Things are so expensive here and I haven't done this apartment hunting thing for years. I am making some of the first calls later today and we'll see what happens. I'm feeling all kinds of feelings about this and just want to feel less worried, anxious and sad. It is supposed to be exciting! Anyhow...wish me luck! Hopefully I'll be able to write a more upbeat, more positive post later today...I need to do some scrapping or cardmaking today. After all the regular chores....
To Do:
  • Grocery shopping. Just a few things.
  • Make some potato salad for supper.
  • Sweep the floors and straighten up a little.
  • Take a walk.
  • Scrap at least one page.
  • Start looking at which photos to develop for June.
  • Buy printer ink.
  • Print out my fall class roster and syllabus.
  • Read my book.

It's a long list. We'll see. I'm going to try to not stress if it doesn't all get done. It doesn't matter in the long run...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

wierd day

changes*evolve*let go
ATC - Magazine collage

Today was a wierd day all around. Work was wierd. I did get to do a little art though. I brought my set of ATC's and used whatever supplies were available to do one. It was very relaxing to focus on for 15 minutes. The remainder of the day was odd. Hard to explain but made me wonder if it was a full moon. It isn't. But the day ended well. After work and having a quick dinner with cary, I picked up my new glasses. Next friday I am taking the plunge and getting fitted for contacts. We'll see what happens. Eyes creep me out. I can't even do eye drops -when I need them I have a tricky system of dripping the solution on my cheek and letting it roll into my eye- I'm sorry, it's just not normal to look into the sky and let something drop into your eye.

It's just plain wrong.

But I hate wearing my glasses and the Dr. and asst's all said how easy it is. They said, "As long as you can get your thumb and finger close to your eye, you can do it. " Sounds easy enough I guess. My fear is getting one contact in and then not being able to get up the nerve to get it out. They have assured me getting them out is easier.

We'll just see about that!

Anyway, after picking up the glasses I brought Cary a McDonald's ice cream sundae while he was at work. And we chatted for a bit and then I went to do some errands at Target. Nothing exciting - shampoo, conditioner, citronella candles, etc. The candles were hard to find by the way. Apparantly summer is officially over and we have to think school supplies. I hate how stores rush the seasons. But anyhow, I did get a little K&Co. book of ancestry question & answer journaling cards. Hoping to eventually do a mini book about my mom and dad using those questions and some of the old photos I posted about few weeks ago.

Well...that's enough rambling for now. Looking forward to a beach day tomorrow a.m.! Yeah! Hope everyone has a wonderful night and morning...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

a view I miss

This is an old picture taken in the summer of '06. It is Mt. Katahdin in the distance in Northern Maine. It is a few hours south of where Cary is from and it is beautiful. I didn't take any photos today and wanted to share one I haven't before. I haven't been up there in months...since Cary moved here and I kind of miss it. It is a beautiful, quiet, hard working place.

Today had it's ups and downs. I did go to the gym after work and although I was dying (it was so hot in there) I feel good now. 35 min on the treadmill and the 1 hr muscle conditioning class. I can feel that I'm not in the shape I was in this time last year. I want to be back to that! to eat my Trader Joe's Veggie Egg Rolls and Rice...hmmm....let me cancel out that 1 1/2 hrs at the gym!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hot. It is so freakin hot here. We need AC. Actually we had an argument about it today. Among other things. But we are over it. It's just that we are hot. And grouchy. And I have to go back to work tomorrow. BOO! It's sad when I am excited that I only have a 2 day week this week and then 4 days off again!

I haven't done any scrapping or card stuff today. It's just to muggy and humid. I think I'm going to just sit outside and read until I get carried off by the mosquitos! It might not last long...we affectionately call our neighborhood "bugville."

Hopefully I can read a few blogs later on when it cools off in here!

Monday, July 7, 2008

a summer day

Today was definately a summer day here for me...
  • the weather was 90' and humid
  • spent the morning at the beach with my mom
  • didn't go in the water because here in MA it is freezing until at least August. There's a joke that you can see the tourists in the water and natives don't go in until the one week in mid-late summer where it gets warm! Plus it was low tide.
  • dinner with my family
  • a slight sunburn and covered with mosquito bites
  • sat at my Aunt and Uncle's house had a Corono and chatted with them and my dad
  • ate lots of watermelon with Cary
  • visited with my cousin who's visiting from CA until tomorrow :( We don't get to see that huge part of my family enough...there are a ton of cousins and now 2nd cousins out there that I love!
  • watched my cousins play a serious game with BB Guns!
  • took a short walk when it was cooler
  • and the finale is knowing it will be a rough sleeping night being that it's in the 70's still, humid, and we have no AC!

I love SUMMER! I'm not being sarcastic...I really do! Humidity, mosquitos and all. The good really does outweight the bad...though I might feel differently when I go back to work Wednesday ;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

list of things to do

These were some tiny baby ducks that made an appearance at my friend's cookout last night. We tried to carefully make sure nobody touched them in case the mom was nearby. We started to worry they were orphans. But after awhile...the mom started flying circles overhead waiting for a chance to land and collect her babies. They were precious and I'm sure in big trouble for getting away when their mom got to them!

Here was my list of things to do today...
  1. bake a blueberry pie

  2. mow part of the lawn for my father

  3. do some art

  4. pick up my cousin from California at the train in Boston

  5. cook dinner

  6. clean: sweep, dust, etc.

  7. organize photos

  8. make plans for my Etsy: pricing, research fees, etc.

  9. make the most of my last few days of vacation

  10. try not to be disapointed about it not being a beach day again.
I actually accomplished a lot on my list today. I feel like I've been in such a negative mood for too much of my vacation...wasted time...I'm wishing I had taken a second week. It has been so long since I had downtime I think it has just been me decompressing. Who knows. I do have another week coming up in mid-August...that will be something nice to look forward to since I'm really not looking forward to going back to work Wednesday. But...

I still have TWO more days of vacation. are a few things I made today...

Just a little box covered with patterned paper, a silk flower and leaf, a rhinestone and ribbon on the edging. I haven't done one of these in awhile and it was quick and fun. I didn't think it through too much...just glued!

A fun card I made with some of the inchies I posted yesterday. I am really liking this idea..being able to make little pieces whenever I have time and then putting them together like a quilt. I might even make myself a little kit to take to work so I can try and refocus and relax when I eat lunch some days. That would be really nice since we don't get official breaks during the day...

Onto a completely different topic...wondering if those who read my blog and have their own Etsy shops could give me any bits of advice, wisdom you might have? I've been thinking about it for awhile and want to just do it instead of thinking about it. I'm a planner in case you haven't guessed! Anything you've learned through the process would be so appreciated! Thanks! to finish the rest of my list! Have a nice night everyone...

Saturday, July 5, 2008

inchies & layouts

"Relay 4 Life"
"1st Beach Day 2008"
A bunch of inchies
A few layouts I did yesterday...and a bunch of "inchies"...almost as addicting as ATC's. I love that I can make them quick, when I don't have enough time to make anything more involved...I hoping to go back to my LSS and get some more ATC stuff...then off to a cookout tonight while Cary as at some gamer thing with his friends.

Friday, July 4, 2008

independence day

Happy 4th of July! Instead of seeing a parade and fireworks last night I did a little self-art therapy. Here are the ATC's I made last night. The colors aren't translating as well through the scanner. These little suckers are addicting! What I'm liking about them is that I feel more free to experiment and try stuff out that I wouldn't if I was making a card. I played around with my Perfect Pearls, doodling, stamps I haven't used in ages, watercolor pencils, ....and on and on! Originally I thought "oh...I can add them to cards" and maybe I will...but I like that I felt free to make them without worrying! (See my post from 2 days ago!) I'm also intriqued by the new thing "inchies." Interestingly I have been doing that for years on cards. Some of the first cards I made used my square hole punch and a few punched flowers, etc. as the main accent on the center of a card. Sometimes I would do a mosaic. But...seeing all the inspiration with inchies I have lots of ideas in my head for some cool mosaic cards....think the Flickr mosaics but in paper...being excited about creative ideas is definately helping me get out of my mood. So this is why I decided to be an art therapist?! This stuff really does work! lol

Thursday, July 3, 2008


collaged card: scraps of ribbon stapled to a square of cardstock mounted with dimensional foam onto a white slide.

I just want to say a big Thank You to those who read my entry yesterday. A trip to my LSS for some retail/art therapy helped a little last night. Writing it down helped too...especially in a way that I think others can read it and maybe relate. I feel much better but still kind of out of sorts. I feel like any way I try and type out how I feel today it sounds so selfish in print. So I just won't.

Today I had a nice, quiet breakfast alone on the porch with my new Somerset Studio. I went to the movies with Cary to see Hancock which I really liked. Had a quick dinner with him and he's off to work. I am really feeling like we need to move out and soon. But I'm not really sure what his time frame is and to be honest I'm afraid to ask...long story. Anyhow...

I bought some blank ATC's and bookmarks at the LSS last night. Thinking I want to do some small artworks and maybe use them on cards. I don't really know much about ATC's but they have always intriqued me. Anyone who's reading make these? Tonight I normally would go to the parade and fireworks our city has on the 3rd of July but Cary is working and my family isn't going so I think I'll stay in and do some art. For me. I hope everyone reading gets a chance to do the same! Thanks again for listening...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Card I made last night: various papers from my stash, K&Co word sticker, ribbon, ink

Moody. That's been me lately it seems. Today especially. No one particular thing to point to. I just am. I try to keep it under the surface but today that has been difficult. That would be fine if it wasn't affecting everyone around me and my relationships. Including me and how I relate to myself. I think much of it has to do with my giant need to be a perfectionist. With everything. everyone. everyday. I am always afraid of "messing up," making a mistake, or disappointing someone. Most of all myself. Sometimes I try to say I should just accept myself - perfectionism and all. But the hard thing is that the very perfectionsim I want to accept makes acceptance so difficult. Why is that? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who must feel like this but I know I'm not. I want to be able to just Let Go...and just BE. I'm tired of always being a worrier. But I'm just not sure I know how. I feel like I can help others find out how to de-stress, relax and Let Go but I don't know how to do this for myself. I need to figure it out! I worked on some cards last night and there seemed to be a theme. A little imbalanced while still being balanced. Words to help me stay grounded and positive like "smile." Tonight I did an entry in my art journal about "Perfect Insecurity." It helped. But I still need to keep figuring it out...and I need to STOP thinking so much...I do know that that is part of the problem! To all who are reading this...thank you so much for listening :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a schooner voyage

The sails
A beautiful ride on a schooner. I could do that every day and be content. It was nice and cool out in the harbor and I was in heaven. Cary and I took a ride on The Lannon. I hadn't been on it since my birthday in September 2001. Two days before September 11th. It has always marked a perfect day for me. It was so hard to believe it was a prelude for an awful day. But was so nice! Here's some pictures.

The Lannon at the docks.

Fishing boats at Cape Pond Ice "The coolest guys around."

Gloucester as viewed from the harbor

Lined up fishing boats.
Cary and I. I tried for several picts. He made a funny face every time!

The old paint factory. A landmark.

So now I hope to do some scrapping. I still haven't really! Tomorrow won't be nearly as exciting. A trip to the eye Dr. for some new glasses. But my cousin from California is coming out to visit tomorrow night for a day or so. Can't wait for that!


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