Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Wingaersheek Beach last month

  • I wished I brought my camera on my walk. The Queen Anne's Lace are out, the marsh looks unbelievably green and the last pictures I took were around the 4th of July! This picture was from even earlier!
  • I'm reminding myself I need to get to the beach more. Summer will only last so long.
  • I got both contacts in. No problems. I think the right one was on inside out yesterday. They were dry today though so I'm seeing the Doc a day earlier to see if I need a new type or drops.
  • I made an appt to get my car's AC checked out next week. I don't even use it much but the car is only 4 years old. Not even paid for yet and the AC isn't working!
  • Was a wieeerrrddd day at work. And last week was the full moon.
  • My dad got the hard cast off his arm/hand. His thumb is healing well but now he still has another 4 weeks of it being quite painful and little mobility. No work for him either which is not good news for my parents.
  • I am looking forward to moving. Wishing I could just get it done. Not liking living with boxes. Makes me feel like I don't want to start any new projects until that gets done.
  • I'm already wishing it were thursday (my friday!)...
  • I'm needing to remind myself not to speed up time!


Chanel said...

Glad they're working a bit better! :o)

I read Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. It takes place during the plague and was a good read until the last two chapters. :o( Well, it really is *still* a good read...I just didn't like the ending. The romantic in me shed a little tear of sadness!

Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous! I would LOVE to go on that walk! :)

I would always have the best photo shots when I left my camera at home. I now take my smaller camera with me everywhere....just in case.

scrapperjen said...

Beautiful photo!
The full moon does cause some weird things to happen....
Hope things are better today.


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