Thursday, February 28, 2013

everything has a beginning

I have two layouts today that I finished earlier this week. I've been on a roll!
I just realized that the title of this first layout is the same as one I created a few weeks ago about our wedding. Well...both things were girl and my wedding day. The first layout was again created with a lot of old stash and a few new(er) embellishments. I wanted to keep it relatively simple so that her baby hands and feet were prominent. I really like how it turned out. I just need to add the journaling on the bottom, right corner.

This second layout is about our engagement. For the background I used a piece of stitched paper that was in an old CD kit from about 2 years ago. I didn't really like the paper on its own...but once the layout came together I was pleased. I was also happy to use a small scrap from a piece of pp that had old fashioned advertisements on was perfect. The little scrap with the ring box that says, "Diamonds."

On this page I challenged myself to use a lot of pieces from my scrap box and an old CD kit. I have really been trying to work through those old kits. The title, "Everything has a beginning" has special significance to us. I gave Cary an engraved keychain early in our relationship that had that saying and the date we met on it. At our wedding, this saying was printed on tags attached to little boxes of wildflower seeds we gave as favors. The photo with the roses are from a plant at my parents...the plant was grown from a piece of my grandmother's rose bush at the house where my dad grew up. It just seemed to fit on this page.

I have truly enjoyed getting back into this hobby I love. It has helped me to heal and to cope with difficulties. It is a fun outlet that lets me reflect and tell stories. It has helped me immensely lately. For a few years I just couldn't "go there" and work on pages. But I'm glad to be back.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

disney on ice

me and my girl at disney on ice. she was a blur in every picture...constantly moving!
Over the weekend we took sweetpea to her first ice show in the big city. I used to love going to these shows because I grew up figure skating. She did good for being so little...ants in her pants throughout the show! Spent much of the time moving around so she is a blur in almost every picture. Here are a few!

daddy & ellie

home of the boston bruins & celtics

she loves to clap!

seeing ariel

never too young to start asking for $20 toys

brave - my favorite


beauty & the beast
Thanks for looking!


This is one more page I decided to work on as a break from the baby's album. I have to say the page looks much better in person than in this photo. It seems like the coloring is harsh here...but it is actually much softer. The layout includes a photo I have had for a long time and had tucked away in an older album to scrap. I used a newer paper that I bought that has the words, "Some people strengthen others by just being the kind of people they are." I got that paper with the sole intention of creating a page about my dad. But I found this photo of my dad and his father sitting in our yard. My dad is holding my little brother who was around a year old then. I love this picture. It is the only one I have seen with my dad and grandfather together. This quote actually is fitting for both of them. My dad is a lot like my grandfather in many ways. Quiet, hard-working, intelligent, introspective, wise. 

Here's a closeup....

I also purposely included the strip of paper that looks like a ruler with a woodgrain. It reminded me of them. My grandfather was a Master Carpenter and my dad is an Electrician who can also build anything. I associate the smell of sawdust and the sound of a hammer and nails with them.

Here's one more closeup of the title...I used some really old rub-on's for the title "Generations:"

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with family."

So true.

Thanks for looking.

Supplies: Kaiser Craft - Sears & Son - Sidecar; Echo Park - This & That - Yardsticks; Echo Park - Victoria Gardens alpha stickers; SEI Mandera Island chipboard journaling tag; Queen & Co Nightfall pearls; Hambly overlays; 7 Gypsies - Nest - quote sticker.

Monday, February 25, 2013

two years ago

This layout includes two photos from almost exactly 2 years ago. It marked my Dad's 65th birthday and the coincided with a very trying time in our lives. My father and sister's birthday's are only a few weeks apart so they allowed us to have two celebrations at a time when we really needed it. I decided to do this layout and another to tell a few stories of photos that I haven't scrapped. It was also a break from working on the baby's album. I used a really old Cocoa Daisy kit and remembered to write down the supplies this time. I even used the stamp that came in kit. I cut the stamped image in half and used part of the label under "celebrate" and the other half at the top of the page. I sometimes don't feel like dragging out ink and stamps while working on a page but I really like that I can create my own embellishments since I don't tend to buy many. I love my older kits because the product in them is still current in my eyes.

here's a closeup of the corrugated alphas...
Fast-forward two years...and we are reliving some of the same difficulties again...and looking for ways to celebrate. Which is why sweetpea's birthday was so wonderful a few weeks ago. She brings us all light, joy, and hope. I enjoyed working on this page with all the bright colors and cheerfulness. It helped me.

Thanks for looking:)

Supplies: My Mind's Eye ~So Sophie ~"Best Thing" Red Chevron; Jillibean Soup corrugated white alphas; October Afternoon Night Light ~ Henry ; October Afternoon- Label stickers - Report Card; Cocoa Daisy stamp; Basic Grey stitched brads; K&Co. smash washi tape; mini alphas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

love of family

I finished this layout Monday night. I challenged myself to do a layout using a reaaallly old kit from CD. I'm talking like maybe from October 2010? I still love the papers in those old kits. Paper really has always been my biggest inspiration for scrapping and cards. I just love it. I look at it as a collection of sorts and it was how I got into scrapping orginally.

On the layout I used all elements from the kit with very few exceptions. I added in the 3-D buttons with the bird, "wonder," and "dream" that I got recently (K&Co.), the "Family" sticker I've had forever, The little letters for "of," the "Advice" tag and the tag with the baby image...and a little washi. All the papers, the "For the Record" stamp, alphas, and buttons were from the kit.

It was a fun challenge for myself. It simplifies my process. I really would like to reward myself when I get a job and subscribe to a kit club again. I used to love getting those boxes in the mail! And since I have been scrapping more I should be able to keep up with the product better than in the past.

Here's a closeup...

Writing the journaling was sentimental for me. As I mentioned in previous posts...all of the layouts have been since they were almost exactly 1 year ago. I love that little girl. It really is true that you cannot imagine loving something quite that much until you are a mom.

Her latest trick is giving baby kisses to her Little People princess dolls! I got my first baby kiss last night! I almost, so sweet.

Well I'm off for a day with my girl....

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 18, 2013

fitting it in

Today's layout I managed to finish here and there over the past few days. A little one night, a little during naptime, ...I managed to fit it in. Sometimes I feel there aren't enough hours in the day and I don't get around to my hobbies.

While working on this page I found myself reflecting on the past year. The photos in the layout were taken almost exactly one year ago. Giving my sweetpea her first bath at home. Now fast forward a year:

She's almost walking.
Talking up a storm.
Taking baths in the big tub.
Into everything.

And I have two more days at one of my jobs and then I'll be home with her 3 days per week. I wish I could relax in that idea. I would love to be home with her full-time, or at least part-time. But we just can't do it at this time. We can't even do it now but we will make do until I find another job. This time last year I was on my 3- month maternity leave and I loved it! I enjoy taking care of her, cleaning, cooking, fixing my home. I love it. I am hoping I can find some peace in this interim while I figure out "what's next?" on the horizon for me.

I need that. are a few closeups of the layout:

I have been loving watching all the old Glitter Girl videos on Two Peas. I hadn't seen them when they came out originally because I was on my scrapping hiatus. I love her style - it fits in with my natural style. I just don't do quite as much layering. A little simpler. Mainly because I don't buy a lot of supplies regularly and use what I have somewhat sparingly. I'm a saver. I'm trying to move away from that and just USE stuff! I bought it with that purpose in mind...why not?

I used some new(er) paper (not sure on manufacturer -I'm terrible at that!)...layers of other patterned papers...old label stickers...manilla tags...rhinestones...a chipboard tag....and some old washi I forgot I had from Tim Holtz! What a fun surprise in my tool tote! And lots of word stickers. I find I use them on almost every layout. My favorites tend to be ones I pick up at Michael's from K & Co. I use them constantly on pages and cards. I also pulled out an old chipboard heart and sponged on some inks. I like how it turned out. I was inspired by one of the Glitter Girl videos about depth. So I layered a lot until I felt it was finished. I really like how it turned out.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

change is good

"Change is Good" - mixed media on canvas
At least that's what I keep telling myself. Next Thursday is my last day at my art therapy job after 9 years. I'm having such mixed emotions. I made this canvas as a "going away" gift for the program. That is a tradition when a clinician leaves. It was therapeutic for me to paint. I started with layering patterned paper on the canvas and then covering a lot of it with white gesso and then some dark brown acrylic. I painted the tree with acrylics. I did a similar tree a few years ago after watching the movie Avatar. I loved the colorful, odd, trees and flowers. I punched out several butterflies out of patterned paper and layered them so they appear 3-D. I also added a few rhinestones and calender washi tape to represent the years I spent there. The letters are basic black vinyl letters. I wanted them bold. The painting is purposely darker in the upper left and gradually gets lighter in the upper left. It represents my mixed feelings. I have been feeling very burnt out for a long time and this is a needed change though I wish it could have been under my terms. I feel a bit cheated and angry. I'm trying to let go of that and face this as an opportunity. I'm just really scared. Here are a few close ups...

closeup of butterflies and the brightness

tree and calendar that represents myself and my time

Thanks for looking. Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

my baby is one

 Our sweetpea turned one on tuesday. She was born 2/12/ 2 must be a lucky number for us!
Here's a few pictures of her special party. It was truly a bright spot that we needed just like she so often is...

homemade cupcakes. my first attempt at fancy frosting!

first time checking out a balloon!

The Before: Nice and neat...

And the After: This kid evidently loves chocolate!
Happy Thursday!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

after the storm

our place after the blizzard "Nemo"
 Finally just got outside with the baby. We've been in the house for 48+ hours! My husband got called into work again. Between work and National Guard he hasn't had a day off in over 2 week. Sweetpea wasn't to thrilled with me taking her out in the cold to take pictures. But it is pretty out. Here's the aftermath of a blizzard at our house!

"Are you going to make me go out there Momma?"

An unhappy baby on our front steps

piles in front of our place

pouter in front of the pond across from our house

pond view

sweetpea wishing I would hurry up and go back in

drift on the side of our condo. we are the lowest floor.

snow girl!

Have a happy Sunday!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

the blizzard continues

view out our side windows this a.m. covered by a huge drift!
Just a few shots of the blizzard so far...haven't been able to get outside yet for better pictures! My husband did have to brave the storm at 7:30am today to get to his security detail. He's the manager and one of his guys couldn't make it in. It's only about 3 miles from home...but still wish he didn't have to. We are fortunate so far though - we still have power.

the cars across the street. can't even see the pond beyond them.

look momma!

cary shoveling early this am.

 Will have more photos later when the wind dies down and I get outside!

Happy Saturday!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

dr suess & a blizzard

A quick layout I finished just now...terrible picture quality since it is 9pm here...but I wanted to post while its quiet and the baby is sleeping. Here's a closeup...

I used lots of old and new stuff. I just need to add the date above the photo but needed to look back and see when the picture was taken. Time is going so fast. Baby girl turns one on tuesday. Yikes.

The college is closed tomorrow. Evidently here in Eastern Massachusetts we are expecting quite a storm. Blizzard to be exact. I will believe it when I see it. But I guess we are ready. Cary works tomorrow but he's only 5-10 minutes away so he should be able to get home at 4pm ok. Sweetpea is staying home with me. Hoping my parent's will be ok. They only live about 10 minutes away but my dad just finished treatment #1 and is not feeling well and can't do a lot physically. Last time he was going through treatments my brother was home from school...this time it's just them. But I think they should be set until Cary can shovel for them saturday and my uncle is not far from them either to help with the generator. They live in a very wooded area and the big trees around the house are always a concern.

I am looking forward to a day or two of hiding from the world. I really need that right now.

Thanks for reading...


Monday, February 4, 2013

smash book

A few years ago I used to keep little black sketchbooks where I pasted in inspiration from home decorating magazines, craft sources, quotes, sketches, journaling, etc. I kind of got a way from the habit but found I kind of missed it. It was sort of a catch-all for inspiration and thoughts. I saw the Smash Books in Michaels just after Christmas and thought I'd use one of those. I loved the different pages and backgrounds. I chose the Nature version as it sort of fit me the best.

Here's how I've been using mine...

On my first page I had pasted in a list of goals for each month based off of the book The Happiness Project. This has been an inspirational read for me. I felt like I really related to the author and her honesty about successes and challenges. So for January I was focused on Boost Energy. I've won some and lost some. It was a very tough month. But I've boosted my energy in ways I didn't expect.

Here's a basic page I used to brainstorm my January Happiness goals...

There are many pages where I paste in home decorating magazine inspiration...

And there is one page where I am working on a collage of my 2013 Intentions. This is a project I worked on every year with my clients in our Art Therapy group. I worked with adults that have major mental illness as an art therapist/clinican. Our task was to spend several weeks, using magazine collage, to create a collage filled with big and little intentions (goals) for our new year. I used mine as visual inspiration each year by hanging it next to my desk at work where I could see it regularly. It was a visual reminder of what I wanted to add to my year (rather than take away as is the case with resolutions). It is still a work in progress...

And I'll leave you with one of the pages in the book that has a quote I am finding inspirational right now...


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