Tuesday, February 26, 2013

disney on ice

me and my girl at disney on ice. she was a blur in every picture...constantly moving!
Over the weekend we took sweetpea to her first ice show in the big city. I used to love going to these shows because I grew up figure skating. She did good for being so little...ants in her pants throughout the show! Spent much of the time moving around so she is a blur in almost every picture. Here are a few!

daddy & ellie

home of the boston bruins & celtics

she loves to clap!

seeing ariel

never too young to start asking for $20 toys

brave - my favorite


beauty & the beast
Thanks for looking!


Mary Pat Siehl said...

looks like a fun time!

Danielle said...

I LOVE anything Disney :-)

Christine Cieri said...

Looks like a great time, perfect pictures!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Looks like fun at my old stomping grounds. :)

Julia said...

Lovely photos, looks like fun!!

Becky said...

How fun!!! I love the pictures, especially the one with the $20 toys!!!

Crystal said...

Looks like lots of fun. ilike your daughters shirt just perfect for an ice show.

LauraB whosthischick said...

Fun photos

Fleursbydesign said...

Looks like fun, I love Disney too :)

Michelle said...

How cool! I love Disney too! Home of BB! eeeek jealous!

scrapperjen said...

We saw that show 3 weeks ago. It was fun!


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