Monday, December 26, 2011

day after Christmas

coffee table decorations and our tree

This Christmas was wonderful. It marked a year of extreme ups and downs. It was perfect to have my family close, under one roof and all healthy this year. I am grateful. Christmas passing also means that we are that much closer to meeting our baby girl Elizabeth ("Ellie"). I'm starting to freak out. I'm excited but nervous. I'm hoping to have some down time today since I am feeling so tired. But it is hard for me to sit still and not "nest!" I just ordered photos. My hope is to start an Ellie scrapbook to get back into scrapping. It has been a year since I have. Since my dad got sick last year. I have been focusing on knitting. I think on Friday I will take a trip to my LSS to get some inspiration. are some other photos of our Christmas this year...
the men. my other christmas sugar cookies looked like weird aliens!

table decoration

cookies for cary with his mom's recipe

our disney honeymoon ornament

the tree

cary bought a present and wrapped it up to me from the soon-to-be-new baby.

me. this marks the beginning of a new year, journey and adventure.

Happy Day after Christmas!


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