Monday, July 18, 2011

monday gratitudes

dad's roses - they were taken from my grandmother's rose plant
Today I am grateful for...
  • my beautiful, small, wonderful Bridal Shower thrown by my sister and my mother on Friday night! It was a linen theme and I got several really beautiful gifts
  • cream puffs at said shower:)
  • "I'm sorry" rose bouquets
  • beach days and New England ocean water when it isn't so cold it is numbing
  • sunflowers
  • quick dinners
  • pasta salad
  • new, fresh white towels
  • wedding planning
  • my family's soon-to-be improving health
  • short, summer work weeks
  • pay day
  • my balcony garden
  • my Irish heritage
Happy Monday!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

wedding planning

I just typed out this entire post and blogger wouldn't save...grrr! Anyhow...

I have been a terrible blogger...mainly because I have been trying to plan a wedding in 2 months! So far so good...aside from one major drama with the location yesterday. They were trying to pull a good-ol "bait and switch." We had to unleash a groom-zilla. It seems all is well now. Thank goodness. Wasn't sure what we were going to do. If we weren't getting married in a month we would have taken our business elsewhere. But I'm not going to let that blip ruin the fun I'm having planning. I have been enjoying it. Not stressing. I'm so excited but don't want time to go to fast. I want to take this all in.
I made the invites using Paper Source products: cardstock, Cottage Bloom stamp, and online templates. Printed them out on our home printer. They came out really nice. I found a dress off the rack at Lord & Taylor. It is a bit non-traditional but beautiful. And we foud my sister (my maid of honor) a salmon pink shift dress. Cary will wear his ASU (Army Service Uniform) and his best man will be in a suit. Our wedding will be overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and we will have a breakfast/brunch reception. Since we are paying for this ourselves we are on a very tight budget. I will be doing potted flowers for the centerpieces and making my own bouquet. The day before my parents are throwing us a rehearsal dinner BBQ. My mom is going all out with some fancy food. She is a wonderful cook.
Yesterday I ordered this for our sand ceremony...
It is called a Forever Frame and I really liked the idea of making our sand ceremony a more permanent memory in our home.

Today I have to order a photobook we made on Snapfish that will be our guestbook. It was fun putting it together with Cary looking through our years together. I also need to order a cake topper. We are having a very simple double layer sheet cake - strawberry shortcake from a local gourmet grocer. It is absolutely delicious! I am looking at this cake topper...

I just have to make sure it isn't too heavy for the cake. So I will order it and double check their return policy!

So it is all coming together slowly...

...or I should say quickly!

Happy Saturday!


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