Wednesday, November 25, 2009


cabled headband I made last week with gorgeous yarn

I'm heading up to Maine to spend Thanksgiving with Cary's family in a little bit. I'm excited for the holiday but a little sad too. This is the first time I won't be with my family on Thanksgiving. But he hasn't spent it with them in a long time...

So today I am grateful for:
  • my good childhood

  • my family

  • Cary

  • friends old and new

  • having enough: food, money to pay the bills and a little extra

  • time with my parents

  • my mental health

  • the courage of my clients

  • my education

  • healthy risks I have taken in my life

  • a good cup of coffee!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Here are a few layouts using my October and November Cocoa Daisy kits. Had fun with them. Only used a few other accents I already had in my stash...I'm enjoying getting these kits because it is simplifying things for me and allowing me to just create.

Balcony Garden: mostly the Nov kit. The tag and clip with the birds is from Making Memories Vintage Findings. The journaling rubon I've had in my stash forever and finally found a layout to use it on. I love the pearl brads and the pretty ribbon in the kit for Nov.

A Night Out: Used some pieces from the Sept kit on this layout as well. Kept it kind of simple cause I had so many pictures I wanted to use. Hand lettered "RENT" because I didn't have the right alphas to use.

OCS: above are page 1 and 2 of a two-page layout I did. I had purchased the paper awhile ago knowing I wanted to use it for these photos. I only used some ribbon and a postcard stamp from the kits on these layouts. Alphas, words and the postcard chipboard were from my stash.

Summer Sweater: This is my favorite layout I did. It was also the first I did. I tried to challenge my use of color. I have always loved bright blue and red. Used the October kit. The fashion motifs were perfect! Used some accents from other kits.

Free Spirit: This was the last layout I did. Very simple. I only used paper from the kit and the "Free Spirit" rubon is one I've had forever and wanted the perfect place to use it and this worked.

Off to enjoy the day. It's been a busy week and weekend so I just want to lay low and relax today...
Happy Sunday!

Monday, November 16, 2009

monday gratitudes

my old harlick skates. They were my first brand-new pair when I was in high school.
Today I am grateful for....
  • Being invited to go skating Saturday and watch a fearless 4-year old learn to skate for the first time. So wonderful to be a part of that. Skating was my sport for 10+ years and I miss it. But...dont' remember my skates every hurting that bad (except when I'd get a new pair and needed to break them in!)
  • The knitting circle I go to on sundays. A great group of women. Funny and thoughtful.
  • The art therapists that answered my call and have been coming to speak to my classes about their important work. Up to this point, in most cases, I'm the only art therapist my students have met!
  • This New England wierd, spring-like weather in November.
  • Cary being able to share Thanksgiving with his family this year. I will be with him. For me it will be my first Thanksgiving ever "away from home" and I'm a little sad about it to be honest. But it will be nice and it is important he do this.
  • Hot coffee
  • My camera - as much as I want a new one this one has lasted many years and captured so many memories.
  • Understanding.
  • Time to work on a bunch of layouts this weekend...can't wait to post them later this week.
  • Buying myself several months of Cocoa Daisy kits for my Birthday this September. I just extended the membership by 3 months. It is such a treat each month and it has simplified my process so I actually get some work done instead of pouring over my supplies trying to decide what to use.
  • Time to paint last week (see my last post). Will make more time this week.
  • Love.
  • My parents.

Happy monday!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

a little art therapy

Prescribed myself a little art therapy this week. Just a few hours after work one night. Worked on two canvases. The other is unfinished and is just collaged with patterned paper so far. This one is hand painted with a little nest image I like to draw sometimes. The coloring is a little off in the picture. In real life it isn't quite so yellow. I like how it came out!

Today I'm off to go ice skating. Haven't gone in years. I used to figure skate as a kid...for about 10 years +. So I pulled my old skates out of the closet and I'm meeting an old friend and her little girl for about an hour. Then to the movies with Cary and maybe my brother. It is a rainy, windy day here so that will be perfect.

I'm off...
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

overdue gratitude

Today I am grateful for...
  • a good hot cup of coffee
  • a day with my sister last weekend
  • a big knitting project to look forward to
  • sleep
  • self-advocating
  • the sound of seagulls to remind me how close the ocean is...
  • indian summer
  • the new cute boots I bought
  • weekends
  • slippers
  • phone calls

I have not been good about doing my lists...I need to get back to it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

catching up

The Bella's Mittens I knit: you can find pattern on fashioned after the Twilight movie.

What I have been up to lately:
  • Falling asleep so early at night (7:30pm last night) an old woman. Haven't been feeling well physically for a few clear reason. Not terrible...just contributing to a feeling of been unmotivated.

  • A guest at a N. Maine Halloween Wedding which was fun and unique...elegant and eery at the same time. Candles. Jack-o-Lanterns. Dark red roses. Black. A Nightmare Before Christmas cake.

  • Somewhat stressful waiting to see how the Governor's budget cuts may/will impact my clinical job.

  • Knitting. Finished my mittens... which I love! Can't wait for snow...

  • Ali McBeal on DVD. Hours and hours of laughter to go...

  • Attempting to get back to my exercise routine that I let slide when I got sick. Slowly...walked a few miles several times this week. Feels good to be back.

What I want to be up to this weekend:

  • A day with my sister tomorrow. Lunch and shopping. Overdue.

  • Knitting circle. I haven't been going lately....need some help with checking the guage on a hat I started last weekend. Knitting with beads...a whole new thing for me.

  • Vacuuming. Dusting. Cleaning up my apartment. Wierd but I like taking care of my home and I haven't been good with it lately. It makes me feel great to have a clean, organized house. Nesting comes out for me especially at this time of year.

  • Cupcakes to be baked.

  • Scrapping with my October Cocoa Daisy kit I haven't used yet.

  • Reading before bed.

  • Burning my Pumpkin candle.

  • Taking a walk in unseasonably warm weather we ar due to have on Sunday.

  • A quick trip to the apple orchard for some cortland apples and cider.

Happy Friday!


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