Thursday, April 11, 2013

keeping my hand on the wheel

Fishermen's Memorial: Gloucester, MA
Wow. Life has been hectic these past weeks. I'm trying desperately to stay afloat at my new job. Intakes. Intakes. Paperwork. Intakes. More hours than I counted on. Trying to learn the ropes. It is challenging. I'm hoping that once I finish this pile of intakes, schedule appointments, and start seeing the kids I will fall into a routine. It's just that I have to build up my caseload all at once it is overwhelming.

My goal is to fall into a routine and take out some time for me. I had a little bit of time today when I got home before my husband and baby girl did. I had a wicked sinus headache though. I've been battling a cold and cough for the past week. Definately making things more challenging. After some tylenol though I got some motivation to do some weeding and cleaning up in our little patch of earth in front of our condo. I have been looking forward to that so much.

I have a pile of half finished layouts on my desk. I would like to say I'll get to do some work on them this weekend but I'm not certain. It is also the end of the semester and I have a stack of papers to grade for my college job. Ugh. Students think they have it rough this time of year! They. have. no. idea.

Hope everyone has a Happy Friday!


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