Sunday, February 10, 2013

after the storm

our place after the blizzard "Nemo"
 Finally just got outside with the baby. We've been in the house for 48+ hours! My husband got called into work again. Between work and National Guard he hasn't had a day off in over 2 week. Sweetpea wasn't to thrilled with me taking her out in the cold to take pictures. But it is pretty out. Here's the aftermath of a blizzard at our house!

"Are you going to make me go out there Momma?"

An unhappy baby on our front steps

piles in front of our place

pouter in front of the pond across from our house

pond view

sweetpea wishing I would hurry up and go back in

drift on the side of our condo. we are the lowest floor.

snow girl!

Have a happy Sunday!


Tracy said...

Awww your snow girl is adorable all bundled up :)
We were suppose to get some snow here, but it didn't come...but thats okay, I'm ready for spring..even though I know its a long time coming, lol.

Crystal said...

Wow that is lot of snow. We don't have any snow it is all melted. We had a blizzard like that a couple years ago no fun.

Alinor said...

so much snow!!! I'm almost jalous, we have nothing but rain in Paris!

scrapperjen said...

Oh my - that's a LOT of snow! Thanks for sharing pictures. Glad you're all safe.


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