Monday, February 18, 2013

fitting it in

Today's layout I managed to finish here and there over the past few days. A little one night, a little during naptime, ...I managed to fit it in. Sometimes I feel there aren't enough hours in the day and I don't get around to my hobbies.

While working on this page I found myself reflecting on the past year. The photos in the layout were taken almost exactly one year ago. Giving my sweetpea her first bath at home. Now fast forward a year:

She's almost walking.
Talking up a storm.
Taking baths in the big tub.
Into everything.

And I have two more days at one of my jobs and then I'll be home with her 3 days per week. I wish I could relax in that idea. I would love to be home with her full-time, or at least part-time. But we just can't do it at this time. We can't even do it now but we will make do until I find another job. This time last year I was on my 3- month maternity leave and I loved it! I enjoy taking care of her, cleaning, cooking, fixing my home. I love it. I am hoping I can find some peace in this interim while I figure out "what's next?" on the horizon for me.

I need that. are a few closeups of the layout:

I have been loving watching all the old Glitter Girl videos on Two Peas. I hadn't seen them when they came out originally because I was on my scrapping hiatus. I love her style - it fits in with my natural style. I just don't do quite as much layering. A little simpler. Mainly because I don't buy a lot of supplies regularly and use what I have somewhat sparingly. I'm a saver. I'm trying to move away from that and just USE stuff! I bought it with that purpose in mind...why not?

I used some new(er) paper (not sure on manufacturer -I'm terrible at that!)...layers of other patterned papers...old label stickers...manilla tags...rhinestones...a chipboard tag....and some old washi I forgot I had from Tim Holtz! What a fun surprise in my tool tote! And lots of word stickers. I find I use them on almost every layout. My favorites tend to be ones I pick up at Michael's from K & Co. I use them constantly on pages and cards. I also pulled out an old chipboard heart and sponged on some inks. I like how it turned out. I was inspired by one of the Glitter Girl videos about depth. So I layered a lot until I felt it was finished. I really like how it turned out.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Time flies, doesn't it? :) Super sweet page!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Very sweet layout!
Time really does fly with children.
Mine are now 5 & 10 and it seems like just yesterday they were babies.
Good luck with what is next!

LauraB whosthischick said...

Adorable photos and yes, the time flies!!!


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