Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a schooner voyage

The sails
A beautiful ride on a schooner. I could do that every day and be content. It was nice and cool out in the harbor and I was in heaven. Cary and I took a ride on The Lannon. I hadn't been on it since my birthday in September 2001. Two days before September 11th. It has always marked a perfect day for me. It was so hard to believe it was a prelude for an awful day. But anyhow...today was so nice! Here's some pictures.

The Lannon at the docks.

Fishing boats at Cape Pond Ice "The coolest guys around."

Gloucester as viewed from the harbor

Lined up fishing boats.
Cary and I. I tried for several picts. He made a funny face every time!

The old paint factory. A landmark.

So now I hope to do some scrapping. I still haven't really! Tomorrow won't be nearly as exciting. A trip to the eye Dr. for some new glasses. But my cousin from California is coming out to visit tomorrow night for a day or so. Can't wait for that!


Heather said...

Beautiful pictures! The one of the two of you is so cute! It's fun to "see" blogging friends in a recent picture! Glad to hear you are enjoying your vacation time.

toners said...

What great photos! Looks like a fabulous day - and you both look so sweet together :) Have fun with your cousin!


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