Monday, June 30, 2008

today & tomorrow

my Trader Joe's Peonies
Today I...
  • walked over 2 miles with Cary after his run and made it to a gym class!
  • didn't do any art yet today.
  • sent my younger sister off to Europe...I am so jealous. She's going to Italy and Ireland with friends.
  • took a long route home from the gym tonight and took photos of this beautiful evening view...

    Conomo Point, Essex, MA

  • recovered from killing another giant evil spider yesterday. Alone. Without help from Cary. Where are they coming from! Yikes.
  • played with Cary's "pretend" dog. The one I posted about a month or so ago. It follows him on his walks and then plays catch in our yard. It was almost like having a real dog for a few hours!

  • grilled some veggies and hot dogs for dinner. An encore of the steak tips and grilled veggies we had last night. But hey, can't afford steak every night!
  • looked a little at my new magazine which I highly recommend...such inspiration just looking at these artist's spaces...

  • picture from

  • am looking forward to my cookie dough ice cream cone I'm going to make next!
  • am really tired but loving being on vacation. Trying hard to not let myself get too caught up in chores. A struggle. I have trouble relaxing with junk around. (Its the OCD, Virgo in me)

Tomorrow I....

  • hope to do some art!
  • want to go out on a schooner in the harbor...
  • want to sit outside and read.

We'll see what else tomorrow brings!


Jennie said...

I would love to be in one of those boats and just relaxxxx :) Love the pics of your flowers.

toners said...

Great entry - I love the "today I" and "tomorrow I" prompts! Your photos are great - especially the evening view :) Enjoy!


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