Sunday, June 29, 2008

busy days

yellow rose in the Boston Commons

This weekend has been very full!

Friday...walked with Cary and then went downtown to the St.Peter's Fiesta. An annual event that I don't usually go to except to see the greasy pole! A "contest" where guys walk out on literally a greasy pole (a telephone pole covered in grease) that is suspended over the harbor. The goal is to capture the flag on the end. Weird I know. But so funny to watch. They take it VERY seriously in this town! But...first we had a delicious dinner of grilled swordfish, scallops wrapped in bacon and a Corona...hmm. It is so good to live in a fishing town sometimes. Fresh fish. After we walked down to watch the greasy pole contest but it started to look like it was going to be a bad thunderstorm so we left...just in time. I was disappointed not to see it. And we didn't get to take the little boat out to the Navy Ship the Whidbey Island docked in the harbor this weekend. Oh well. Instead we went to the movies and so Wall-E (very good) and The Happening (sucked).

USS Whidbey Island out in the Gloucester Harbor

St. Peter's Fiesta altar with no one there! Right before the thunderstorm

Yesterday. Cary was scheduled to take the MA Civil Service -Police Officer exam so I drove him in to Boston. At 7am after getting very little sleep. While he was in the test I took the T down to the commons and walked around, took pictures, had a lemonade and read my book at a Starbucks. I also went to Paper favorite! I got this stamp I've been wanting to order and a cute little kit to make an address book. I'll take a pict of that when I make it.

Walking beside the Boston Commons

statue of Washington

The Boston Commons

After the test I took Cary out to eat at Buguboo Creek and then I was off to the New England Revs Soccer game with my brother. He has season tix with my Dad. Dad was at a wedding with my mother so I took his ticket. It was fun but freezing! The Revs won 2-1 over Toronto.

The Revs & Toronto

Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

I crashed when I got home at 11:00am. However I must say the highlight of the day was around 6:15am. I got out of the shower. Looked to my left and there on the hamper...a GIANT spider. I'm talking HUGE. We get wolf spiders,etc here in the woods and I hate them! I yelled for Cary. My hero. The soldier. He killed it mercilessly with a broom. Yeah! He sure is handy to have around. In the past it took me 1/2 an hour (no lie) to get up the nerve to kill one!

-----no photo of the spider neccesary!----- for a somewhat busy day. Going to the grocery store, maybe Trader Joe's and Barnes & Noble. Cary's at work til 5pm. Then maybe some fireworks tonight downtown. They have them the Sunday of Fiesta. We'll's looking a little overcast again...


Miss M! said...

It's so pretty where you live! And you say it's cold too? Oh, I'm soooo green with envy. I'm sick of this desert, and no fresh seafood either. BOO.

Heather said...

What a busy morning!Great pictures. And I appreciate there being no picture of the spider! I'm not a big fan either.

Staci said...

Great photos! TFS.

Michael Junge said...

Emily - we'll be back to Rockport in October, come on over and visit then! Michael Junge, CO, USS Whidbey Island (LSD 41)

toners said...

What a great day!! I miss Trader Joe's; I used to go there often when we lived in CA :)


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