Thursday, June 26, 2008

windows & doors

Windows. Kind of a random theme for a mosaic but I've always loved images of windows, doors, doorways. So much symbolism. I feel that these images fit me and where I'm at today. School is done for me. I can start working on my state licensure hours. A long process as was school. I have put this off for 6 years out of frustration and resentment of how difficult the state has made it. But now it's behind me (at least for now) and I can hopefully have more doors (and maybe windows!) open for me. Today has also been another extremely emotionally draining day at work. Clinically. Some days I just feel like I can' t do it. Such sad situations and sad stories. People struggling to live and just be at peace with themselves in this world. It is hard stuff and somedays it is too much to take in. Today was one of those days. I am grateful that overall I am happy with myself and my life. That is not a small thing to have.

I am also grateful to have these days ahead to refocus and relax and focus on my family and fun stuff. Begining tomorrow! Cary's aunt and uncle were visiting Northern Maine while he was up at guard last week and tomorrow they will be driving through Mass. on their way back home to Alabama. So...I might get to meet them which I'm excited about. He was happy to see them as he rarely gets too. So that will start off my vacation...

BTW...thanks for the book recommendations! Hopefully one of my stops in the next few days will be to Barnes & Noble. I think I might check out the Memory Keeper's Daughter as was recommended. Thanks!

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Heather said...

Love the mosaic. And your post. Before I was a SAHM I taught inner city elementary school. Some days I felt the same way you did. You also need to know that you are often a light to those you serve and help. A light they might not otherwise have. I agree about the crystal ball. It would be nice. Even for those of us who are happy and content with life. Just to see ourselves as others do would be a beautiful gift because we are often so much more than we think.


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