Thursday, July 10, 2008

wierd day

changes*evolve*let go
ATC - Magazine collage

Today was a wierd day all around. Work was wierd. I did get to do a little art though. I brought my set of ATC's and used whatever supplies were available to do one. It was very relaxing to focus on for 15 minutes. The remainder of the day was odd. Hard to explain but made me wonder if it was a full moon. It isn't. But the day ended well. After work and having a quick dinner with cary, I picked up my new glasses. Next friday I am taking the plunge and getting fitted for contacts. We'll see what happens. Eyes creep me out. I can't even do eye drops -when I need them I have a tricky system of dripping the solution on my cheek and letting it roll into my eye- I'm sorry, it's just not normal to look into the sky and let something drop into your eye.

It's just plain wrong.

But I hate wearing my glasses and the Dr. and asst's all said how easy it is. They said, "As long as you can get your thumb and finger close to your eye, you can do it. " Sounds easy enough I guess. My fear is getting one contact in and then not being able to get up the nerve to get it out. They have assured me getting them out is easier.

We'll just see about that!

Anyway, after picking up the glasses I brought Cary a McDonald's ice cream sundae while he was at work. And we chatted for a bit and then I went to do some errands at Target. Nothing exciting - shampoo, conditioner, citronella candles, etc. The candles were hard to find by the way. Apparantly summer is officially over and we have to think school supplies. I hate how stores rush the seasons. But anyhow, I did get a little K&Co. book of ancestry question & answer journaling cards. Hoping to eventually do a mini book about my mom and dad using those questions and some of the old photos I posted about few weeks ago.

Well...that's enough rambling for now. Looking forward to a beach day tomorrow a.m.! Yeah! Hope everyone has a wonderful night and morning...


Sandra Collins said...

I think I'll stick with my glasses any day - eyes freak me out too

Krissynae said...

I am with you. I can not put drops in to save my life. I get frustrated trying to do that. I tried and could never get contacts in my eyes. I use to cry because my mom with these long nails had no problem. And my friend tony with them big ole finger coulf just pop them. I even had a reaction to the solution. I finally gave up and went for Lasik. I have been happier ever since. I wish you the best of luck next friday with your contact fitting.


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