Friday, July 4, 2008

independence day

Happy 4th of July! Instead of seeing a parade and fireworks last night I did a little self-art therapy. Here are the ATC's I made last night. The colors aren't translating as well through the scanner. These little suckers are addicting! What I'm liking about them is that I feel more free to experiment and try stuff out that I wouldn't if I was making a card. I played around with my Perfect Pearls, doodling, stamps I haven't used in ages, watercolor pencils, ....and on and on! Originally I thought "oh...I can add them to cards" and maybe I will...but I like that I felt free to make them without worrying! (See my post from 2 days ago!) I'm also intriqued by the new thing "inchies." Interestingly I have been doing that for years on cards. Some of the first cards I made used my square hole punch and a few punched flowers, etc. as the main accent on the center of a card. Sometimes I would do a mosaic. But...seeing all the inspiration with inchies I have lots of ideas in my head for some cool mosaic cards....think the Flickr mosaics but in paper...being excited about creative ideas is definately helping me get out of my mood. So this is why I decided to be an art therapist?! This stuff really does work! lol


Gabrielle said...

Fun ATC's!

Happy 4th! :)

Heather said...

These are lovely!

Miss M! said...

Those are pretty... I especially like the Change one with the flowers.


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