Thursday, July 3, 2008


collaged card: scraps of ribbon stapled to a square of cardstock mounted with dimensional foam onto a white slide.

I just want to say a big Thank You to those who read my entry yesterday. A trip to my LSS for some retail/art therapy helped a little last night. Writing it down helped too...especially in a way that I think others can read it and maybe relate. I feel much better but still kind of out of sorts. I feel like any way I try and type out how I feel today it sounds so selfish in print. So I just won't.

Today I had a nice, quiet breakfast alone on the porch with my new Somerset Studio. I went to the movies with Cary to see Hancock which I really liked. Had a quick dinner with him and he's off to work. I am really feeling like we need to move out and soon. But I'm not really sure what his time frame is and to be honest I'm afraid to ask...long story. Anyhow...

I bought some blank ATC's and bookmarks at the LSS last night. Thinking I want to do some small artworks and maybe use them on cards. I don't really know much about ATC's but they have always intriqued me. Anyone who's reading make these? Tonight I normally would go to the parade and fireworks our city has on the 3rd of July but Cary is working and my family isn't going so I think I'll stay in and do some art. For me. I hope everyone reading gets a chance to do the same! Thanks again for listening...


Gabrielle said...

Hope your doing better!

I just starting playing with ATC's, I made a fun little coffee table album with mine, I'll post pics this weekend on my blog. :)

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link from 2 peas.

Nice card, sometimes simply but beautifully done says it all.

Like your version of inchies and ATCs they are great fun are'nt they?

Happy Independence Day, hope you & yours are having a nice weekend.


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