Monday, July 7, 2008

a summer day

Today was definately a summer day here for me...
  • the weather was 90' and humid
  • spent the morning at the beach with my mom
  • didn't go in the water because here in MA it is freezing until at least August. There's a joke that you can see the tourists in the water and natives don't go in until the one week in mid-late summer where it gets warm! Plus it was low tide.
  • dinner with my family
  • a slight sunburn and covered with mosquito bites
  • sat at my Aunt and Uncle's house had a Corono and chatted with them and my dad
  • ate lots of watermelon with Cary
  • visited with my cousin who's visiting from CA until tomorrow :( We don't get to see that huge part of my family enough...there are a ton of cousins and now 2nd cousins out there that I love!
  • watched my cousins play a serious game with BB Guns!
  • took a short walk when it was cooler
  • and the finale is knowing it will be a rough sleeping night being that it's in the 70's still, humid, and we have no AC!

I love SUMMER! I'm not being sarcastic...I really do! Humidity, mosquitos and all. The good really does outweight the bad...though I might feel differently when I go back to work Wednesday ;)


Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a great day! The picture is very cool. Did you take that yesterday?

emily said...

No...I cheated :) I took it a few weeks ago!

Heather said...

I do not have that same love for summer! I am not a fan of the humidity and mosquitoes! It's been super warm and humid here too.


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