Thursday, July 17, 2008


I ATC - magazine collage & sharpie
I need to take some more photos of other pages in the mini album I posted about yesterday...but the lighting isn't great outside to take them in the grass. Maybe tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow...Cary and I sign the lease tomorrow. Move in is officially Aug 1st except he will be in Maine for guard I'll move what I can and we'll finish the following weekend. I wish we could've afforded a 2BR (we were going to aim for that originally) because we would have been able to use the other room for my art stuff and his gaming stuff. But...we'll work with what we have. I'll try to set up a corner of the bedroom for my desk. The closet should be able to accommodate my clothes and boxes of art stuff. That's really what my current set up is anyway. I'm excited and nervous. Trying not to wish away the days since it's summer and there are only so many more days of summer and mini-vacation left!
Well..I've been bad about reading blogs this week so I hope to catch up with more tonight and tomorrow! Happy "almost" Friday!

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