Tuesday, July 15, 2008

everything has a begining

Here's the cover of a mini book I started a few weeks ago. I have had the little book for years and didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Decided to make a little book about mindfulness. The idea was to fill it with things I love and keep it on my desk at work. That way when the day gets hectic or stressful I can flip through it. I have all the photos in it. I'm slowly going from one to the other and adding words, quotes, thoughts to the facing page. It has been fun to work on. Maybe I'll do another page tonight.

This following set of pages is fitting for the day. The quote is one I actually had engraved last year onto a keychain for Cary marking the anniversary of when we met. Cary and I put a deposit on an apartment last night! Yeah. It's in my hometown still which is good. I feel a sense of relief and nervousness at the same time. This has been on hold for so long. Cary moved down here in October and there has been this uncertaintly about where we would live. Here or Maine. It has just felt unsettled for so long. Thank you to everyone who sent good thoughts. We should find out this week if we have it. It's small. 1 bedroom. But anything will seem huge to us. It is hard to convey how small my apartment is. I'm feeling a little sentimental about it. I loved this apartment. My dad built it in the garage. It's beautiful. I wake up to a skylight overhead and all I see is trees. I have been living here since grad school. So about 8 years. It's in the yard, next to the only home I have known. I know....I'm too old to be sad to "leave" home. Even though I lived in Boston for college and DC. for grad school...I always looked forward to coming home. I probably always will. No other place will have the craftsmanship of my dad. I'm such a baby about stuff like this!

Anyhow...here's the set of pages I was mentioning....I'll post more later!

Photo: potato field in Presque Isle, ME.


Emily said...

Cool mini-album. The quote is simple, but profound. Good luck with the apartment!

Noelia said...

What a great idea for a mini. Can't wait to see more completed pages.

Heather said...

Beautiful book Emily and a wonderful idea for it's use. So glad to hear you found an apartment. I'm sure it will be a huge change but the only thing constant in life is change so there will be good in it too.

Krissynae said...

Can't wait to see the the finished album. Cute pages so far.


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