Thursday, April 10, 2008

favorite weather

Today the weather hit 71' in Boston. This is my favorite kind of day. Unfortunately I didn't take advantage of it during the day by getting outside of the building at work. But after a quick dinner with Cary, he went off to work and I went for a walk. It was SO nice to get the fresh air and not have to even wear a sweatshirt at 6:00pm. I took a few random photos...this one is of some found objects my dad has lined up on the outside window ledge of the shed.

Tomorrow is the end of another hectic week. My supervisor is sitting in on my class for my eval. I'm nervous, but fortunately I'm not doing a lecture. I'll be reviewing the quiz they took, they are handing in all assignments and then half the class is doing presentations. After one more meeting after class I'm done for the week. Cary has National Guard this weekend...and although I always miss him when he's gone...I'm looking forward to just doing whatever! Friday night I'm going to a "Yarn Tasting" with my mom at our local yarn shop. A cute and cheese, samples of spring/summer yarn, and a coupon (to inevitably be spent on yet another knitting project to add to my supply of unfinished projects!). Saturday I'm taking a little of my tax refund and going to some outlets in Maine. I need some Spring/Summer work clothes badly. I do have to do a little work this weekend but not much. It's one of the first weekends without a ton of work that needs to be done! So...since it will be a rainy will be perfect for some scrapbooking, knitting, and whatever else I feel like doing! Cary keeps saying to me, "When the cat is away...the mouse will play!" Darn right...I can't wait!
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Dana said...

Wow, I am so with you on the weather. I love fall, because its in the low 70's or upper 60's. I love a cool breeze, after summer's over or right before summer starts.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today. I have bookmarked yours.



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