Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday stuff scrapping done this weekend...but I did finally felt my bag! (It only took a few years from start to finish!) It probably could have used one more trip through the washer but here it is. It's my first attempt. The flower was done in a knitting class and was also felted and will be attached with a pin to the bag. Thinking about a button or something cute for the flower's center. Currently the whole thing is drying (the silver clip is just to hold one the strap in place because I knitted it a little crooked). I am in the process of making another with the same pattern in a spring green. I also started my brown tank and it's fun because it's a little challenging with a lace trim. I'll take a pict when I've gotten a little further. Right now it doesn't look like much.

I spent much of the a.m. putting away my winter sweaters and taking out spring clothes. So next week it will snow. Murphy's Law! I'm bummed out since I have gained weight some things are a little too small. I'm confident I can get back to myself soon. I took one of my regular walks today and will be able to get to the gym for muscle conditioning a few times next week. Now that school will be winding down I will be able to normalize my schedule.

Well...beef stew is in oven, I have to iron clothes for tomorrow, and maybe I'll do a page and post it later. We'll see...I may get lost looking at other people's blogs!
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Tonya said...

Pretty bag!! Love the colors. Don't know what felting is though. Probably because I am not a knitter. You did a good job.

Jennie said...

Very pretty bag :)One of these days I want to learn how to knit or crochet.


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