Thursday, April 3, 2008

knitting and random happiness

Yesterday I mentioned the doll I made a year or so ago. I took a class at my local yarn shop with my mom and we made the dolls from the book Knitted Babes. Now, I am not a real experienced knitter but my mom is and she has been teaching me for the past few years. I must be a frustrating student with my "Help!" and "I don't know what happened!" Only recently have I begun to learn how to fix my own mistakes. Before, I needed my mom nearby every time I knitted in case I made a mistake! She has been helpful and its nice having had this connection for the past few years. Anyway... Here's my girl I made...I call her Lorelei (my "girl" name by the way!) She has a lot of hair and is a little top heavy so needs to be propped up!

I've been thinking about making her a friend. With less hair! I mentioned I went to Butterfly Yarns the other day with that in mind. I get lost in any sort of art store. Overwhelmed. I freeze with all the possibilities! I ended up leaving with skein of yarn for a small felted bag. I knitted the same pattern a year ago but haven't gotten up the nerve to do the actual felting step. Maybe this weekend. I have to if I'm going to start another bag or I'll have a whole bunch of unfinished bags to add to my unfinished scarfs! But anyhow...I wanted to share my girl...I think they are so cute and for any knitters out there... actually very simple to make. I even knitted her little hat and dress. Now...if I could only figure out how to knit myself a human-sized outfit/sweater/hat! I did try to make her a cute wrap sweater but it ended badly. That was about 8 months ago and I got so frustrated I put down my needles for awhile. I may be brave and go back to the store and get the yarn to start another doll. She may even get a sweater.

One of the blogs I read through Twopeas, Dana's Cafe, posted a challenge: Write 10 Random Things that Make you Happy. I have been having fun reading other's responses to this list so thought I'd make my list. It's a nice way to end the day.

1. I took a really nice, long walk after dinner tonight and got to relax.
2. Cary and I got to eat and sit together eating our pizza when I got home before he left for work.
3. I have a delicious piece of chocolate cake next to me...
4. Mom and I got to talk for awhile tonight.
5. I have my mental and physical health. Something that makes me feel grateful and happy in light of the experiences I watched people struggle with today at work.
6. It's nice and warm and cozy at home tonight.
7. I have a good book to read when I go to bed that my dad recommended to me Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir by Bill Bryson. Very funny - great author.
8. I feel prepared for all that I need to do tomorrow.
9. My family makes me happy today.
10. The animal crackers in the traditional box that Cary brought home for me make me happy.

Have a good night!

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