Wednesday, April 2, 2008

random stuff

Off to work at the college shortly. Not feeling well. I've been thinking for the past week I have allergies but I don't think it is. My glands were swollen and sore last night and today. Oh well. Cary isn't feeling well either and today is his birthday...Happy Birthday Hon! Tonight I'm not holding a regular class I'm doing 1:1 meetings about their thesis papers. I still have to finish reading a few...ooopps! My plan is to try and get out of the building and walk around the block before I start the back-to-back appts. I really think that my getting sick again has to do with (a) being stressed and (b) letting my walking and exercise come second to my work stuff. Wednesdays are also my day to treat myself to a sub for lunch (which along with the birthday cake I already have - will cancel out the walk!). I am halfway through the crazy week. Just need to make it through to Saturday night and then things should lighten up slightly.

Ohh..hopefully I can post later tonight or tomorrow. I went to the yarn store last night and picked up some more yarn. Like I need another project. I knitted a bag about a year ago and have never gotten around to felting it. I've never done that before. Hopefully this week I can. I'll try and post a before & after. I am also thinking of knitting another doll that I learned in a class. I'll post that too. They are very cute and kind of funky. to work....

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