Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Having a trying day at work. I had a minute to read a short chapter and do a challenge in Julia Cameron's book The Sound of Paper and decided to do it to change my focus. {btw - I highly reccommend the book}

A list of 20 Wishes...

1. a new job to compliment my work at the college
2. a vacation. don't even have to go anywhere. just some days off to lounge and do whatever!
3. a new apartment.
4. marriage (eventually...this is a list of wishes after all!)
5. a dog. a labrador.
6. warm, flip-flop weather. today is warm but not sunny.
7. to feel physically better today. a little under the weather.
8. an art studio. a whole room for my art stuff that doesn't have to be put away and pulled out.
9. a part-time job at an art store.
10. a store of my own.
11. children.
12. some fresh flowers on my desk.
13. a best friend. the kind you have as a kid that you can call anytime.
14. to run away. be spontaneous. irresponsible. I'm always the responsible, organized planner.
15. to visit family in California again.
16. a trip to Ireland.
17. a day to play hooky and go on a shopping spree (refer to number 14!)
18. get my routine (exercise) back.
19. a house and a yard.
20. a sense of peacefullness.

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Sarah C. said...

Great list! Several would be on mine too. Especially #14. I tend to think and over analyze too much. Need to go w/ the flow a bit more.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your comment caused me to pause and think. I hadn't made the connection between the brackets & the stairs. My original intent was to use one of the AL journaling stamps but then thought I would "create" my own instead.


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