Wednesday, April 30, 2008

beautiful day

Today was such a nice day. I didn't have to go in to work at the college but got some work done at home. I created the Intro final exam and finished my own take home exam for Psych testing. I had a really nice walk while Cary went running. It was a beautiful day outside. Cool but with warm sun. I ran an errand at the grocery store and we had supper together (hamburgers..mmmm) and played on the computer. It's nice to feel like I can breathe and relax a little now that the bulk of my work is done. I'm looking forward to the short work weeks, beach days, art time, and relaxation!

After Cary went off to work tonight I baked two batches of to take to my boss's house tomorrow night and...of course...a batch for us! Tomorrow night the Art Dept chair is having a BBQ at her house for the soon-to-graduate Art Majors and department faculty. I think it will be nice to see the students in a different environment...and I'm anxious to see my boss's house....since years ago she was my advisor and professor!

Tonight I also too some time to do a few layouts. I've been keeping an album for 2008 where at the end of each month, I get some photos printed of things that went on that month for the layout. I've kept the formats similar as far as journaling - I have a series of "prompts" I fill out each month. (If you click on the photo for the right side of the layout you should be able to see my journaling). Each month colors and layouts vary. I have fun each month going to my LSS to choose paper that I love and feel "fits" the month somehow. That is the best part! I finished March's tonight...

Above: The left side of the two page spread for March

Below: The right side

Here's a closeup of the left spread. I played around with copper Perfect Pearls and Perfect Medium to create the swirls leading to the dragonfly. The dragonfly was a sequin I have had forever. It was a shiny yellow and I decided to "tone down" the wings by painting them with a cream acrylic. These layouts aren't especially my favorites but they were fun to do because I played around with new stuff and experimented.

I also finished one of the layouts I posted earlier this week. I added a bolder title and journaling. I also highlighted the subtitle with a black marker to bring it out a little more. I don't usually do computer journaling but occasionally do and always like the results.

Now...on to those brownies!

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Benita said...

Those layouts are great! Thanks for sharing & enjoy your brownies :) Eat one for me, too, okay? ;)


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