Friday, May 2, 2008


Know when you are looking for something and you have something particular in mind and can't find it anywhere? or at least for a decent price? That's been my search for some shoes to wear with the dress I got for the college graduation next weekend. Today I found some at Filene's Basement. They were a little more than I wanted to spend but not outrageous...and I love them...

Today has been a day of errands so far. The shoes. A haircut. A birthday present for my brother. And a few treats at C.O. Bigelow for me! I could spend hours there walking the aisles smelling all the luxury...but I only left with three small sized products - I have to stop spending $$. I got a small aromatherapy lavender pillow spray to help me sleep... hopefully. Last night I couldn't and lately I've had trouble. Dreams, nightmares, etc. I usually sleep through the night but its not a restful sleep. Even though I only left with a few small things, the great thing about that store is they always slip a bunch of free samples into the bag. Love it! I'm home with my finds checking some more things off my "to do" list. A few minutes ago I grabbed a store bag and re-designed it to wrap my brother's birthday present. I hate the idea of spending $4 on a giftbag like I usually do so thought I'd recycle this time. Here it is...I'm quite proud. I even recycled the tissue paper from my buys at C.O. Bigelow. It literally took 5 minutes while I was waiting for my lunch to heat up on the stove!

In a little while I'm off to the college for the opening of the Senior art major's Art Show. I'll have to mingle with faculty, students and parents. This whole experience of being in the professor role has been surreal. Last night at the student BBQ my supervisor hosted it felt strange. Like I didn't quite fit with the faculty but also not quite with the students. Wierd. Especially wierd since it doesn't feel like that long ago since I was in the student's shoes and my (now) supervisor was my professor. Also in the catagory of wierdness...just I have been sitting here writing this blog, I had an itch on my hip...a tick. A deer tick no less. Yuck! The season begins. It didn't bury its head thank goodness but it was a sucker to get off...I hate them.

Well, now that I've grossed everyone out I'm off to relax for bit and read my new issues of Somerset Studios and Somerset Memories that I picked up during my errands.

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