Monday, April 28, 2008

another monday

This was a picture I took of Cary and I walking on the beach this saturday. I have been trying to notice things from new perspectives and liked how this turned out. Saturday night I went to my monthly Girl's Night and we scrapbooked. I started three layouts but they are really only beginning works-in-progress. I want to take my time and add to them.

"Quiet Morning"

This is the first one...a series of three photos I took during my "Week in the Life" project. The photo of the layout (as usual) is not very good and it's hard to see the details. I am not sure where to go with it yet aside from some journaling in the green square. I think I might keep this one kind of clean and basic.


This second layout is also just a start and I'd really like to do a bit more with it. I'm terrible at keeping track of products I use but this is a paper I've had for years. I like this striping because it helps divide the page before you even add embellishments. It is a photo I took of a row of cedar trees on my walk and I want to focus the journaling about how mindfullness is as much a part of my walking routine as exercise and how badly I need that back. The quote by John Muir was sort of my starting point, "I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in."

"Cary, my soldier"
I didn't get far with this third layout. In this photo the green is more intense that it is in person. And the brown square in the center isn't a part of the layout. This one needs a lot of work. Hopefully I'll have some time this week to finish these. I went to my last class tonight for Psych Testing and got a take home exam. I just need to mail that back by next monday and I'm done. We didn't even have a real class. To be has been a complete waste of $850. I could have easily done that class online. I want to be somewhat challenged if I'm going to spend this much to be "license eligible." But...really...I am just fulfilling the state's requirements that often are not based in reality. Anyhow...don't get me started on this topic. I will likely never get my state license given that I only practice part-time now. Nevermind the 6 years of experience I have that didn't "count" since I didn't have all the magic classes finished! Arrggh. Breathe. In the grand scheme what does it matter really?

Switching gears...this weekend is my "baby" brother's 20th birthday. Yikes! I have to figure out what to get him. He's kind of picky. He likes to write. Stories and stuff. Last time I went to the mall with him he was checking out some really nice journals. Maybe I can get him something like that. We'll see. to read some blogs and unwind from the day. Thanks for reading!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

Thanks for sharing

Sarah C. said...

Great photo! Your pages are off to a wonderful start. Looking forward to see the finished versions. :) Amazing isn't it how sometimes they take so much time?


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