Wednesday, April 23, 2008

why today is good

  • It is at least 80' outside and sunny
  • I got a perfect ice coffee at my favorite coffee shop and using my "frequent shopper" card today was my FREE coffee and free always tastes even better!
  • I had an american sub for lunch. Not healthy but a fave since I was little.
  • Tonight is the last practicum class and I have most of my grading done.
  • I found some pants in Target today before work...capris. (Not focusing on the fact that they are a size larger and were needed because last summer's clothes don't fit)
  • I saw a cute little, older woman in Target today who was all dressed up with big white sunglasses and she reminded me of the woman who designed the super suits in The Incredibles! Made me smile.
  • I have the window open at home for fresh air when I get home.
  • This weekend is scrapbooking at a friends on Saturday and on Sunday have lunch with old co-workers I haven't seen (and dearly miss) in a long time.
  • I paid off my small student loan (again not focusing on the bazillion dollar one I'll be paying til I'm 80)

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