Sunday, March 6, 2011

catching up

new throw pillows from ikea. playing around with pattern.
 Life has been so busy. I have fallen behind in writing here, reading my favorite blogs, participating in the Point & Shoot Challenge, artwork,...pretty much everything I really enjoy. I need to get back. This week I have a few extra days off for Spring Break and so far so good.

Yesterday I went to Ikea with my sister. What fun! I was good and didn't spend to much. Got some boxes to organize my linen closet, new throw pillows for the bed, rug in the kitchen and a very exciting...salad spinner for $3! I saw a few things I want to get on my next visit. Especially an outdoor umbrella that clips on to a side table. Perfect for my very hot, sunny balcony that doesn't have enough space for a traditional umbrella.

Here are the goodies I picked up (minus the kind-of-boring-storage boxes in my closet):

closeup of the throws. i love patterns but almost never buy them or wear them. went outside my comfort zone! love them!

6 wine glasses for about $5! Perfect to try out glass painting.

throw rug for my kitchen. funny story: saw a young couple there and the guy pointed out and suggested this rug out to his wife and she said "no...not that one." Well...I liked it!

Two hand towels to match the flower I bought at Pier One months ago for my bathroom. I love that dark purple that seemed to be popular this fall/winter.

I am hoping to participate in the "Spring" Point & Shoot challenge this week. I also have a few projects I want to work on. Get some photos developed, try out the glass painting kit I got for Christmas, paint a "welcome" sign for my parent's friends, etc. I am also attending a local "Yarn Crawl" where you can check out the areas yarn shops, find sales and fun stuff. That is later this week.

And....only 9 more days until my guy graduates from his Basic Officer Course and starts the journey back to me! That is such good news and much needed....


Sarah C. said...

Spring Break plus C heading homeward soon? Sounds good!! Love the finds from Ikea. Your bed is beautiful. I like the fun poms overhead.

emily said...

Thanks! The pom poms are from Michael's...Martha Stewart stuff. Cheap and cute!


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