Monday, February 21, 2011

i need art

atc's in a jar
Cary came home unexpectedly this weeked to attend a funeral. Sad circumstances but I was so glad to see him. We now have less than a month until he's home for good. He left this morning. I always feel so down the first day he leaves. I'm trying to improve my mood. I have not been doing any artwork except for knitting...and even that I'm not doing much. I need to do some. I had been in the habit of doing a lot of ATC's because they were quick and fun and challenged me. This website has a forum where people list themed swaps. I love these. They give me a focus and a deadline. I might enter a few today. I also need to see what I can photograph for this week's Shoot & Edit challenge. This week it is "pink." I skipped last week's because of all the chaos around his visit. to try and improve my mood!

Happy Monday!

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scrapperjen said...

Art therapy! :) I need some of that for a while too.

Hope you're happier and enjoying your week.


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