Sunday, November 14, 2010

my world today

Posts two days in a row...I'm on a roll! I'm feeling a lot better today and am planning on still laying low around the apartment so I don't backtrack. I have an incredibly busy work week next week. But I do want to catch up on cleaning and doing some fun projects. I decided to take a few photos around the apartment today. One of the goals I mentioned yesterday was to take more photos. I have gotten away from doing that. It is the little things I see in old photos that I love. Daily things that go forgotten years later. I also thought it would be fun to do a post about where I am at this moment in a few words. I got the idea from the blog "Dynamo" by Sandra C.

So here goes with a few words and photos of my world right now.

listening: "Top Chef - Just Desserts" on the tv in the background
eating: finishing up my sunday morning coffee. Having a cold for a few days I have been having tea instead. Oh how I missed my coffee!
drinking: see above!
wearing: pj's
feeling: tired but so much better
weather: warmer than usual for New England in November but overcast
wanting: more time to relax and recover from stress and illness
needing: creative time.
thinking: of all the things I want to accomplish today.
enjoying: a long sunday morning and the scent of my "Autumn Leaves" Yankee Candle.
wondering: if I can live by the quote, " “Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.”-unknown. I am having trouble with that.

Images of my world right now:

my oldest plant. i have kept it alive for 10 years.

kitchen table with one of my great-grandfather's paintings above. nate berkus would be appalled by my fake leaves!
this plate is a comfort. it was my grandmother's and reminds me of her and her house. simpler times. pumpkin was from Pier 1. It is full of hershey kisses!
what I have to do (study for LMHC exam) -vs- what I want to do (finish ATC's and other artsy stuff)
bedside table. i borrowed the latest "shopoholic" book from my mom. if you haven't read this series I HIGHLY suggest it! laugh out loud funny!

christmas card supplies purchased last week on my lss's bus trip to local shops.

my large framed drawing i did for my senior studio thesis in college and fall decorations in the hall.

clementines i bought yesterday. not sure they are completely ripe. i love these in season. above is another prized possession of my parent's. they recieved it from a family friend when i was little. a madonna and child triptych.

Well..I'm off to try and get some stuff done today!
Happy sunday!


Tracy said...

Nice post. I love to see how others spend a typical day. Thanks for sharing yours.
I am so impressed with your plant. I have a cutting that my SIL gave me 3 yrs ago. Its still in a cup with water. Humm I see a post coming on LOL.

Stephanie said...

Great pics!! I need to start taking more pics too. Thanks for the inspiration!!

Staci said...

Great photos! TFS. :-)

Pam said...

Love your pics! I am a plateaholic, so I especially love the plate and the fact that it was your grandmother's and you have fond memories to share. And your grandfather had such talent! Wow! Thanks for sharing these.


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