Monday, November 15, 2010

monday gratitudes

suncatcher rainbow maker from my dad
Today I am grateful for...
  • Cell phones to maintain communication across miles.
  • Feeling better!
  • The toffee cookies I baked yesterday.
  • Seeing my parents.
  • Coffee.
  • My art supplies and having a little extra to buy them.
  • My creativity.
  • New England in the fall.
  • Having taken a sick day Friday so I could finally focus on myself and getting better.
  • DVD's of old tv shows.
  • America's Next Top Model marathon! Just joking...but it helped me escape all day saturday while I was sick!
  • Autumn Leaves Yankee Candle.
  • airplanes.
  • Thanksgiving.
Happy Monday!


Sarah C. said...

Beautiful list. Hope you are feeling better today! :)

scrapperjen said...

Wonderful list of things! Have a great day and wonderful week.


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