Saturday, November 13, 2010


autumn scents
I have been terrible about updating here. I used to be so good about posting projects and goings on in my world. I have also been terrible about keeping up with my favorite bloggers. I have always enjoyed the give and take of sharing and reading about others who have similar goal is to catch up!
Here's what I've been up to...
  • Sick day yesterday. Have been feeling run down for a few weeks and gradually worse last week. Developed into a simple cold but enough to feel crummy. I am hopeful that things will improve next week. I'm trying to stay in the moment because I have had really long weeks at work and next week is looking to be extremely busy. One day at a time.
  • Last saturday I went on a day-long bus trip to several scrapbook stores in the area. My LSS hosted. It was fun. I mainly focused on getting supplies for this years Christmas cards. Because my list gets longer and longer every year I am simplifying. I am only going to make some of the cards. The rest will be store bought. I am trying to focus on the idea of enjoying this yearly tradition instead of turning it into a chore that I will dread.
  • Studying for my state counseling license exam. I'm a little overwhelmed. It has been a long time and I think I may now have jumped over the hoops neccesary to apply for my license (after 10 years!) but first the exam...not telling anyone when I actually take it because I am nervous on how I will do.
  • Working on a set of fall ATC's for a  swap and group this week. I am hoping to feel better tomorrow so I can finish them up. I have felt useless yesterday and today.
  • Finally got the energy to buy groceries today. Planning on baking my guy some of his family's recipe chocolate chip cookies to send to him on the base. He has been gone 3 weeks and it feels like an eternity. But I was able to get a plane ticket to see him for New Year's! We weren't sure we could find something affordale. I cannot wait to see his face.
  • Realizing how few photos I have been taking lately. I want to focus on doing that going into the holidays.
  • Laughing out loud in my living room watching all the seasons of Ally McBeal on DVD. I LOVED that show!
  • Staying busy so that time goes enjoyable and quickly while my guy is away from home.
  • Knitting! Ready to piece together a friend's baby sweater. Her shower is in a few weeks...I need to get on it! Also working on a throw blanket for us. Started this "Hemlock Ring" throw yesterday. It is looking to be a quick knit!

Well now that I've updated...I'm going to catch up on others blogs.
Happy Saturday!


Sharla said...

Hi Emily, thanks for commenting on my blog! I hope you get feeling better too, being sick really sucks, especially when there is a lot to do..ugh! I'm sorry you are missing your guy, I can't imagine how hard that is to be away from him, hopefully the time will fly by and your plans to see him will come together! I hope you post your cards and atc cards when you get them done, would love to see them!!

Tracy said...

Your knitting projects looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the finished project.
You have been very busy, I can see why you haven't posted in a bit.


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