Thursday, December 31, 2009

reflections on one little word

one of my favorite photos of 2009 taken on a solo beach walk during a spring sunset.

I went to a crop at my LSS last night. I got SO many layouts done! And I splurged on some cute Valentine stamps and fun card making stuff. I'll post pictures in a bit. I am still on vacation from work but am wondering something. Why do I keep having stress dreams every night? A few nights ago it was a dream that my car got wrecked. Last night it was that I was missing important work deadlines, stressed at work and being disrespected. Why? I am excited for a New Year, new start. I have been organizing and purging junk at home. That usually makes me feel great and in control. Why the dreams?

2009 has been a series of tests and stressful issues that were out of my control. It all started just after New Year's with the apartment issue. That was awful. It forced me to focus on my "one little word" Simplify. I had to get rid of a lot of personal belongings. Organize. I didn't have access to all my art supplies and had to work with simple materials. The positive was that I began to truly appreciate a good night's sleep, I rejuvinated my interest in knitting and met a great group of women doing so and I learned to self advocate.

This summer was a challenge while Cary was gone for military training for 2 months. I re-learned how much I do like my own company though I missed him terribly. I enjoyed simple summer pleasures...sitting on my balcony, taking care of my plants, growing vegetable, reading, going to the beach and doing my art. I was able to again take pride in my home and nest.

This fall has been challenging with some medical issues with no easy solutions. Nothing life changing just frustrating. I learned how to listen to my body and mind. I learned again how to advocate. I learned to simplify my routine.

Now in the New Year I want to lighten up more. I want to worry less and focus more on the positive. Maybe that is what my dream was about? The dreams were kind of more about how I felt a lot in 2009. Stressed, not heard, too much out-of-control junk. I don't want those dreams to be my reality in 2010. I don't want stress and negativity to rent so much space in my mind. Life is short. My "one little word" for 2010 is going to be ENJOY. I want to enjoy my life. There will be frustrations and stress but they don't have to be bigger than my enjoyment of moments. I need to re-adjust the proportions. The glass needs to be half-full.

So here's to ENJOYING 2010!

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