Tuesday, December 29, 2009


knitted cell phone cozy

Today was productive! I didn't get as many things done yesterday as I wanted....but made up for it today. I am wierd and love taking time on staycations cleaning and organizing. So that is what I did.

My hall closets.
Coat closet.
Scrapping supplies.
Cleaned the shower and bathroom.
Under the kitchen sink.

Sad I know...
I'm a Virgo to the core.

But I also did some fun stuff. Knitting...the phone cozy. I activated my new phone last night and LOVE it! So much fun being able to text and look online without straining my eyes or scrolling through the number keypad. But realized that in my bag it will get all scratched and ruined. So I found this pattern on Ravelry and it took only a few hours and some scrap yarn. Speaking of scrap yarn...the pink yarn I had leftover was from a baby hat and booties I made for a friend's baby. She just had her a week ago and today I saw her first pictures...and she is wearing the hat! So excited for her...

Tomorrow I am planning on possibly food shopping and then going to a crop tomorrow night. Haven't been to one in so long.

I am really enjoying this vacation...

Which reminds me...I'm trying to think of my "one little word" for 2010 and I think it might be...


We'll see. I keep coming back to that word. It is the one word that I really want to add more of into my life. Less worrying. Less being frustrated. More enjoying.


Brandy said...

SUPER cute phone cozy!! LOVE the one big button!! :)

I just heard about the whole one word for the year thing and I'm thinking of doing it myself. :)

Anipc said...

I am on vacation too... and funny, I've ben doing the whole cleaning and organizing stuff myself... although I'm a Leo (very end of July bday).

I've been doing the ONE WORD since 2008 - I blogged about how my word for 2009 made a huge impact on my life.
Ready for a kinder 2010!


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