Monday, December 28, 2009

monday gratitude and other things

little clay house I made as in art class as a child

Monday Gratitudes: I want to start with this. I was doing this weekly but got off track. It was such a positive way to start the week and change my mind set.

Today I am grateful for:
  • a beautiful Christmas.
  • being a kid again with video games.
  • a new art project to work on.
  • access to great art supplies and a little extra $ to buy them.
  • my friends.
  • dark chocolate.
  • a camera that although it is old, has lasted me so long and still works well.
  • red grapefruit.
  • the scent of pine.
  • birds.
  • my plants.
It is so nice being on vacation at home. I could get used to this. I love homemaking things. Cleaning, cooking, baking. This is good. I am enjoying my cup of coffee and watching a.m. tv and loving the sun coming in the window. Taking in the scent from the Christmas tree. A lazy a.m.Thought I am not good with a lack of plan and completely relaxing. I like to have things to do and look forward to - even on vacation. But for now I'm just waiting for Cary to get up. He works tonight so we get a little time together today. Yesterday we went to the mall and movies and saw Avatar. Absolutely amazing! I just kept imagining paintings and drawings seeing all the magical flowers and wings on the bird creatures. Beautiful and inspiring and thought provoking.

I have so many things I want to do on this week off. I usually do. I have my 7 Gypsies Printers tray calendar project to do. I might start that tonight. Also want to start knitting my sister some of the Bella Mitts I made. She asked me for a pair...also hoping to make it to my LSS crop this week. I have never been. I'm eagerly awaiting for some pictures in the mail. I ordered for Oct/Nov/and part of Dec. Didn't get some Dec pictures developed accidentally. They'll have to be in my next order.

Also have been completely regressing to childhood when I first played Super Mario Brothers. Cary got me a Wii and that game for Christmas! So fun. We have been playing and having so much fun....last night I also bought Animal Crossing. Seems kid-like and a little complicated but my boss loves it! And she is not a video game person.

So here's what is on my vacation agenda today:
  • Look through my new crockpot cookbook and find 2 recipes to buy for and make later this week.
  • Start assembling part of my printer tray calendar project.
  • Hopefully get my new cell phone in the mail and activate it! A great upgrade from my current phone...
  • drink my coffee slowly.
  • a walk? and or muscle conditioning at the gym.
  • Barnes & Noble for a wall calendar and 2010 organizer. And maybe a book to read.
  • Put my knitting needles in their new case and organize my knitting project basket a bit.
That's enough for today...I am an overplanner!

Happy Monday!

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