Friday, July 31, 2009

the should be's

Beach Rose - July 2009

Feeling a lot of "should be's" today. Should be writing the letter of recommendation for a former student. Should be cleaning. Should be doing some schoolwork. But today has been busy. Two appointments today. Lot's of Art Therapy related stuff today. Just had a nice chat with a local Art Therapist who is going to come and speak to my class this semester. It is so great to network with therapists can often be very isolated in what they do. They are often the lone wolf in their settings. So it is so nice to sit and chat with others who get it!

But now I'm feeling under the weather. Haven't been feeling great all day. Thought it was allergies but Claritin isn't really helping. Boo! I don't want to be sick. So I'm going to push off the "should be's" and lay on the couch!

But before I log out...a few layouts I did last weekend...I didn't track the supplies but here they are:

My sister's college graduation...

Closeup of a page I did of Spring flowers...tag and silk leaves are from a fun vintagy set I got from Making Memories...

This layout just makes me laugh. I was going through pictures from last summer to take to my friends for scrapping night. I always laugh at Cary's fake serious face he made at the zoo. Then I happened to see it next to the picture of the eagle we saw that day. He loved the eagle. It was his favorite part of the it because they look alike?!

A favorite picture of Cary sitting on my parent's porch this Spring...

Happy Friday!

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