Monday, August 3, 2009

monday gratitudes

I am in need of a gratitude list today. I am full of negativity it seems. I have a nasty summer cold and feel crummy. Of course it didn't hit during the work week and instead on my days off...and today is a beach day. And my apartments brand new AC (we already had one replaced 2 months ago) stopped working last week. Great. I use AC probably 3 days a year. And the next few days I will need it. They don't know when we will get a new one!

I need some deep breaths and some positive energy!

Today I am grateful for:

1. My overall health aside from this cold. A cold will pass.
2. Cary comes home this weekend...and at least I won't be sick then!
3. The chance to use some sick time tomorrow if I'm still not feeling well...I need to go in for an hour in the a.m. for one task but have many sick hours if I need too.
4. television
5. A new Creating Keepsakes to read.
6. Sunshine
7. The scallops I cooked for dinner last night and the leftovers today.
8. lemonade
9. Robitussin
10. Cool showers.

I'm feeling better already!

Happy Monday


toners said...

I'm glad that just making your list helped you feel better :) Have a super week, Emily!

scrapperjen said...

Great list!
I hope you and Cary have a wonderful time together.
Have a great week, hun.


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