Friday, July 24, 2009

let it go

So. My computer is in the pc hospital with a virus. Started acting wierd the other day. Beware of a "program" called "Personal Antivirus." It is in fact a virus that is not preventable I've been told. It acts exactly like an antivirus software. It bypassed my McAfee. I am not amused. Why do these individuals who are so good at creating viruses not use thier powers for good?! more positive news I won tickets yesterday at work to a fundraiser to raise awareness for teen suicide prevention and one of the Red Sox players will be there. It is in conjunction with his charity. I'm excited! It is a brunch/silent auction tomorrow and I'm taking my brother...I am hoping for some cool pictures. But...wait...won't be able to upload them til I get my computer back probably on Monday. Oh well :) For now it's Cary's computer. Which on the positive side forces me not to do any school prep work this weekend since all those files are on my computer! So there is a postive side to this?!

Yesterday I got a suprise late afternoon call from Cary at his training. He will be home in 2 weeks! Then I went to my Yoga class. Bad idea. While I was talking to Cary I was sitting outside the studio and figured when I saw my teacher come in I would hang up. Well...there was a substitute. I should have stayed on the phone. I will call him - the substitute- "arrogant yoga jerk." And that is the nice name. He was so arrogant. He really hit me the wrong way. During the class he had to make sure we knew how knowledgable he was about Yoga and Pilates. Now many people in the class, myself included, are beginners. Many are not but still need some alterations to movements they are not ready for. He went full force and did the hardest moves without giving us any idea how to modulate them to our level. Many of the moves I know from my muscle conditioning classes you have to be careful of your back. Our regular teacher shows us the advanced move and the beginner move and encourages us to do what we can in that range. If your core isn't strong you have to ease into some of the moves gradually to strengthen without harming. He had no interest in that and actually a few times was chuckling at how much difficulty we had. I was not amused and sadly left feeling stressed. I usually love that class because it makes me feel centered and relaxed and strong. Not last night. But I will "let it go" which is another yoga idea I think...after every move you start fresh and "let go" of the previous one in your mind. Hopefully my regular teacher is back next week.

I invited one of my friends over tonight to scrap. It has been so long since I have. I'm not sure if she can make it yet but I hope to do some anyhow. I have been focusing my attention on some of my other hobbies recently. I have found that I have SO many creative outlets there aren't enough hours in the day. I have been knitting lately and teaching myself crochet. Then I bought an embroidery kit to do some handtowels for my bathroom. I have also been itching to paint and do some mixed media stuff. But scrapping I haven't been doing. I guess lately I have been liking my projects I can do while sitting on the couch and watching TV at night. The problem is that I have trouble letting myself off the hook when I don't start/finish all the projects I want to. My Virgo/high achiever/perfectionist self! There are no rules in artwork. I need to remember that. There is no-one but myself pressuring me to work on all these projects.

I realize I sound like I'm complaining in this post today. I need to refocus on positive!

Keep my motto in mind: Let it Go!

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scrapperjen said...

Could you remind me to "let it go" now & then. :)
I'm sorry about your yoga sub - sounds like a real "winner"....
Glad to hear Cary will be home soon!
When is the benefit? That's always cool when you get to meet a "famous" person. :D
Have a super day!


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