Monday, July 20, 2009

monday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for...

  1. the sun being out and summer finally being here.
  2. a day to spend at the bookstore and Trader Joes with mom & lewie.
  3. a phone call from Cary...he's doing really well. Only 19 more days til he's back
  4. a day off...long summer weekends.
  5. a night out in the city this past weekend to see Rent.
  6. my flowers and plants on the balcony.
  7. fresh flowers.
  8. Shredded Wheat cereal.
  9. Ivory soap. It reminds me of having baths on Sunday night as a kid after playing outside all day.
  10. strawberries.
  11. the possibility of a coffee from my favorite coffee shop!

Gotta go get some coffee...haven't had any yet and a caffeine headache is waiting in the wings!

Happy Monday!


Heather said...

Great list! I love the beautiful photo too.

toners said...

Super list, Emily :) I love Trader Joe's...I hope you enjoyed that long weekend!


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