Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yesterday was a pajama day. But I did make it out to the gym. Spent the day teaching myself how to do Amigurumi. I have never it has been a learning experience! But being my perfectionist, overachieving Virgo self I was determined to get it right!

I now have the head, body, ears, arms and legs for a bear. Doesn't look like much! He's a little wonky and crooked. He's not perfect but it's pretty cute so far. Before working on him I had been working on a shawl I've been making but was getting extremely frustrated with it...yarn overs in the wrong places...mistakes I need help fixing. I wanted to throw that off the balcony. So the fact that I have a bunch of misc bear parts is exciting!

Tuesday I also finished up my first Christmas will be for my sister (she doesn't read my blog)... the pattern is "Foliage" on Ravelry. My first finished lace project aside from a dishcloth. Ripped it back several times but finally got the hang of it.

Well...I'm off to meet my mother, brother and sister for lunch and to buy some stuffing for my bear :)
Also hoping to get some scrapping inspiration back. Haven't done any in awhile!
Happy Thursday!

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Gabrielle said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Love the bear and the beanie! So talented! I have yarn that I've gotten with the hopes of learning to do something with it and it just sits and looks pretty. :(


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