Sunday, July 12, 2009

great days

summer girl's night at my place

Yesterday was a great day! Started off with a few hours at the beach. Only bummer was that there have been so few beach days I'm still getting roasted on any little spot I miss with sunblock! That's fair Irishness for you.

In the afternoon I got a surprise phone call from Cary. He's doing good and it was so nice to have a longer phone call from him. Then last night I hosted Girl's Night last night. A monthly get-together with my high school girlfriends. It was so fun! I love doing stuff like that and hadn't been able to since my last hosting because of the apartment issues we had. I love cooking and home stuff and having people over and never do. BBQ pulled pork sandwhiches, baked "fried" chicken, potato salad, Greek pasta salad and homemade blueberry pie. It was great!

This morning I sat by the pool for awhile and talked to a few friends and Cary's dad. I never talk on the phone that much but it was nice to feel connected. Tonight I plan on going to my knitting circle and getting some help with my shawl that has a mistake in it. Then my brother is coming over for dinner and DVD watching.

Tomorrow is my last official day of vacation and it has been a nice relaxed one. I hope that I can hold onto some of this positive energy as I start off my work week. So often I get caught up in the stressfull nature of my work and I don't like what it has done to me. I want to hold on to what is important and get rid of the rest of the "baggage."

Happy Sunday!

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