Monday, July 13, 2009

monday gratitudes

The "River."

Today I am grateful...
  1. to have one more day of vacation before it's "back to reality!"

  2. the beach is so close.

  3. I have a free afternoon to work on some of the 52Q ATC's...I've fallen behind. And maybe a layout or two? It's been awhile...

  4. for coffee

  5. to have fresh flowers in my apartment today.

  6. it is only 25 more days before I see Cary's face.

  7. I have such a good relationship with my family.

  8. To have had laughs with my brother yesterday watching Season 1 of Malcom in the Middle.

  9. to be heading out for a morning at the beach with mom.

  10. for birds.

  11. to have a place to live.

  12. to have finally gotten one of my large drawings professionally framed so that it is preserved.

Off to the beach with my mom today!
Happy Monday!

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